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Sleeping bags - how many gsm's should I go for?

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MaggieW Wed 04-Jul-07 12:38:24

We're looking for inexpensive sleeping bags that we can use in cooler weather, as well as during the warmer months. Argos have a good selection but they're measured in gsm's which I guess is grammes per sq m. Would 400 gsm be the equivalent of a 2-3 season bag or is it heavier?

Lucycat Wed 04-Jul-07 13:40:52

Is that their kingsize one with the flannel lining?

we have that one and it's plenty warm enough for late May camping - we used it last year when the temp in the tent was 2C and I was too warm in the middle of the night.

I suppose it depends on whether you want a mummy style which I really dislike, but are warm as they come in around your head or an envelope style like ours.

I prefer to wear lots of layers when we go early season and remove clothes as the year goes on!

oh and it's really bulky that bag - but gorgeous!

this is ours at £20 it's a bargain.

and to further recommend it salstrawb has it too

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