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I want to go camping but i am Doing Something every sodding weekend til the school holidays start

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fillyjonk Sat 30-Jun-07 09:50:03

and then its all a bit pointless because the nice campsites will become full up with people who use plastic cafetieres and stoves


life is so hard

jackie2kids Sat 30-Jun-07 09:52:23

I know what you mean. Before kids we had loads of free W?Es to go camping etc off the cuff.

Now we have a perpetual rotation of visits!

fillyjonk Sat 30-Jun-07 09:54:40

yes that is exactly it

or school fetes in the pissing rain

or kiddie birthday parties

and its always ONE thing too, always on the saturday.

PeachesMcLean Sat 30-Jun-07 16:02:30

We don't really take that much, Surely you don't travel with less than this?!

Perhaps you could take over the yurt which has been erected in the foyer of the Wales Millennium Centre? Tis rather lovely, though seems to be covered in a Melin Tregwynt style woollen covering which I'm sure isn't quite right.

sallystrawberry Sat 30-Jun-07 16:05:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Peachy Sat 30-Jun-07 16:11:34

there's a lot of fields around this way FJ maybe that would suit? Cow pats and all just your style

See I would have thought any cafetierre to you would be better than instant?

BTW found a nice looking smallish site driving round Usk way a few weeks ago if you want a link? Near the iron chain bridge

meandmyflyingmachine Sat 30-Jun-07 16:13:46

Is there something wrong with coffee on a campsite? Am I the butt of unkind jokes with my filter funnel ?

Peachy Sat 30-Jun-07 16:18:00

FJ is obsessed with campsites that oprovide decent coffee

usk site

meandmyflyingmachine Sat 30-Jun-07 16:19:42

Provide coffee? I thought she was a back to basics hard arse...

Peachy Sat 30-Jun-07 16:20:56

nopt for kids but near to a fab old pub

I know, it ahs to be xcomplete back to basics dirt toilet lentily but then ahve a starbucks in the middle

( FJ)

meandmyflyingmachine Sat 30-Jun-07 16:23:15

North Norfolk is the place you you Filly.

sallystrawberry Sat 30-Jun-07 16:29:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

fillyjonk Sat 30-Jun-07 18:07:05

oooh achuarly i am tempted by that peachy

dp can't take ANY time off but i am working on a cunning plan to make my friends come camping with me. they haven't actually got tents or anything but on charm offensive, oh yes camping is luverly oh no it never pisses with rain. Stray greyhounds in tents? oh no that NEVER happens. etc.

ps coffee fans you don't need a plastic cafetiere, you need one of these

course i can't sodding drink coffee til february 2008

fillyjonk Sat 30-Jun-07 18:07:38

ps why is north norfolk the place for me?

am often in norfolk, as it there good camping?

Peachy Sat 30-Jun-07 18:10:08

Hawkins Bazaar ahve got thsoe quite cheap FJ- saw them and thougt of you actually!

have you been to the Skirrid Inn? fab. They even have lots of ghosts (will find the website) and rm, a noose

Peachy Sat 30-Jun-07 18:11:31

oooh I'm sooooo scared

The other one I posted (Usk) is nice too, there's a family pub nearby, and a lovelya rea. We go apst it regularly, there's um-

a big tent shop nearby

hee hee

meandmyflyingmachine Sat 30-Jun-07 18:15:33

North Norfolk is the place for someone who shuns plastic cafetieres in favour of a Sebastian Conran-designed, um, cafetiere

But yes, there is good camping in North Norfolk.

fillyjonk Sat 30-Jun-07 18:16:28

oh i just want to go camping, aargh. i am going to look at those sites now on the flimsy pretext of doing calculus.

dp has just found our semi-posh sleeping bags, yay.

fillyjonk Sat 30-Jun-07 18:17:16

nah thats bllx re north norfolk

my pil live there and they are the reigning king and queen of tupperwear and formica. My MIL folds plastic bags...

meandmyflyingmachine Sat 30-Jun-07 18:18:40

But the people who camp there don't live there filly.

fillyjonk Sat 30-Jun-07 18:19:55

ah! i see the logic

actually i think blackberry wood is my spiritual home, esp the wheelbarrow and the rats. and my god one day i will go there...

Peachy Sat 30-Jun-07 18:27:29

nhs grey mug for FJ

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