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New Forest Campsite recommendations please.

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tiredemma Wed 27-Jun-07 13:24:16

Dps mom lives in Poole- Grandparents in Farnborough- we want to visit but not stay with them so we have decided to camp somewhere between the two and make sweeping visits.

any ideas for afamily of four?

Blueblob Wed 27-Jun-07 14:05:23

I was about to ask the same Q. We want to be near Alice in Wonderland so maybe even Bournemouth area. Sorry jumping on your thread .,,.aspx

We've been to Holmsley a couple of times and it was very nice. Summer hols very busy but everything was clean. Shop was well stocked and the play area nice for kids. You're right in the New Forest so good for a walk to see horses.

We may give one of the other Forest Holidays one a try but for the Alice in WOnderland weekend to tell the truth fancy a campsite with a bar or near family pub .Indoor pool would be fantastic. Happy with a bit of tackiness or the sort of campsite I usually try to avoid. Any ideas?

amidaiwish Wed 27-Jun-07 14:10:37

we are going to Sandy Balls next weekend...
i will let you know!

meant to be nice with ready tents/mobile homes. flipping better be.

Brushetta Wed 27-Jun-07 14:14:45

Lots of people I know have been to Sandy balls. It was a bit expensive for us in high season but if you're pitching your own tent it should be fine.

We are going to Shorefield in August We have been there before . My parents used to have a mobile home there when we were children.
Has a pool complex, gym, restaurant etc. You can take your own tent too.

Blueblob Wed 27-Jun-07 14:22:14

Just looked at Sandy Balls and can't seem to pitch a tent outside of August. Shorfield looks good, the Oakdene one. I've been to the camping shop just beside it before but never been into the park.

amidaiwish Wed 27-Jun-07 14:46:36

yes i thought it was quite expensive...
but just went along with it - friends organised it.

anyone give me the low down? i will start a new thread so not to hijack...

Peachy Wed 27-Jun-07 14:53:22

Hollands Wood is nice, we're off to Holmsley soon. Often use forest holidays sites, they're prety good in a not too commerical sorta way

tiredemma Wed 27-Jun-07 18:00:13

will jhave at look at your recs

quadrophenia Wed 27-Jun-07 18:01:23

how odd i posted on this thread and it has disappeared. i vote for holmsley btw

slayerette Wed 27-Jun-07 18:04:21

We go to Red Shoot - nice family site, clean toliet facilities, pub that serves food, off beaten track so no road noise & forest walks all around. Busy in peak season - you'd need to book in advance.

Tommy Wed 27-Jun-07 18:05:27

I remember some lovely holidays here - although that was going back rather a loy of years!

Presumably, it has got even better since then?!

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