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camping in switzerland???

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wohmum Sun 24-Jun-07 22:57:14

Has anyone camped in switzerland ? We've booked aweek in july and I'm being to think it's going to be pretty cold at night!!

any experience?

flibbertyjibbet Sun 24-Jun-07 23:11:55

I camped in Switzerland years and years ago. I recall that the site was on a slope so couldn't get comfy, and the sun went down behind the mountain across from us at some ridiculously early time. It was not cold, we were not at the top of a mountain! The valleys are nice mild weather, you can find typical seasonal weather temps on the internet somewhere. The scenery was lovely but the day we planned to go up in a cable car to admire a view there was a terrible mist and we couldn't see a damn thing.
I don't do camping now, too much roughing it carrying all our own tents, cooking equip and everything whilst using public transport and doing lots of walking from station to campsite with ex p. Now its a comfy bed or I stay at home.

JoolsToo Sun 24-Jun-07 23:12:51

I've just come back from Switzerland. I didn't camp but saw a couple of sites, both in stunning areas.

I think you'll be fine. Although we had a couple of thunder storms and showers, it certainly wasn't cold.

BadKitten Mon 25-Jun-07 10:45:44

We camped in Austria a couple of years ago on part of a tour round Europe. Didnt have room in the car for camping beds or mats (got a sporty coupe type car with very small boot and no way to attach roof box). I was very aware of having a huge mountain underneath us sapping all our heat away - so make sure you've got a good warm thing to lie on! Also make sure you've got good sturdy tent pegs in case the ground is rocky.

Lilymaid Mon 25-Jun-07 10:47:43

If you are in the valley it should be warmer at night than in the UK because it is further south and has a more continental climate (warmer in summer, colder in winter). However, you must be prepared for thunderstorms so very basic tents are not a good idea,

LIZS Mon 25-Jun-07 10:49:16

Not much different to UK at night , although warmer in the day and potentially thunderstorms.

wohmum Sun 01-Jul-07 23:09:58

Thanks everyone

wohmum Sun 29-Jul-07 00:16:18

hi everyone,

just come back from a fabulous week in Switzerland - and those who warned about thunderstorms were right!!

we had a real mix of weather, a couple of really heavy storms overnight, with hot sunny days. I did find it cold at night and first thing, but the views made up for it. We stayed at Camping Jungfrau in Lauterbrunnen and I'd thoroughly recommend it!

aDad Sun 29-Jul-07 07:41:37

ooh i've camped there in the summer. It really is beautiful. Did you ski on the glacier?

SauerKraut Sun 29-Jul-07 08:29:42

The weather's pretty variable from day to day here at the moment, plenty of rain and storms.

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