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How long to pitch a outwell montana 6 or similar

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dizzy34 Sun 24-Jun-07 22:44:46

Hi Everyone,

As the title says im wondering how long it takes to put one of these up.

Also, can anyone recommend any other tents that may be suitable. Most of the time it will be me, twin daughters age 13 and a 4 yr old boy. The 4 yr old has severe disabilities, is quadriplegic and we have to carry alot of equipment for him, and have room for his special needs chair.My will join us for the weekends some times. We will mostly camp for fri, sat, sun, mon, returning home on the tues, during the summer hols and weekends in may jun and sept. I want lots of living space and i love the built in groundsheets that are raised up to stop water getting in.

Hope some one can help

Thanks Dizzy

Troutpout Mon 25-Jun-07 07:27:11

We have a montana 6.It takes me and dh about 35-40 mins... a bit less if ds (10) helps.Last year i had the tail end of a bad back and dh and ds managed to put it up by themselves in about the same as long as your daughters can hold the sides while you do the other bits you should be fine.

AnnaFiveTowns Sun 26-Jul-15 11:06:26

Watch the video on YouTube - I think it's Yeoman's, there's a man on his own pitching it. I copied his technique and the whole thing took me about half an hour, with a little help from my 9 year old ds.
I had been worried as I'd never pitched it alone before but I was fine. Having said that, I think the newer versions of the tent (ours is over 10 yrs old) are a bit taller so I'm not sure if that makes them trickier to pitch single handedly.

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