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How do I get a 904 or 907 gaz bottle cheaply??

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magnolia1 Fri 22-Jun-07 23:01:56

Looked on Ebay but none near me. Probably going camping nect saturday and buying a campingaz double burner but didn't realise the gaz cylinders were so expensive
Have asked on freecycle but no luck and looked down the local dump

Anywhere do them cheaply?

I looked to hire but they only do he calor gas cylinders.

magnolia1 Sat 23-Jun-07 10:08:53


Nemo2007 Sun 24-Jun-07 14:20:29

we did the same last year and as yet cheapest I have seen is £48still not bought one, we were just lucky our friends parents had one in their trailer tent that we borrow as we all go camping together.

magnolia1 Sun 24-Jun-07 14:51:35

I don't know anyone, think I am the only one mad enough out of my friends and family to go camping

Wolfgirl Sun 24-Jun-07 15:16:31

where do you live?

magnolia1 Sun 24-Jun-07 16:24:09

I'm in Surrey.

Does anywhere hire them out?

Wolfgirl Sun 24-Jun-07 17:07:05

awwrr...dont know., just thought if you lived in or near bristol you could have borrowed mine.

Nemo2007 Sun 24-Jun-07 17:11:31

what site are you going to? Might be worth giving them a ring to see if they hire them.

Cadders Sun 24-Jun-07 17:22:05

i am just looking into this too - thats an extortionate price! I had no idea. at this rate, our camping trip is costing us more than a package trip to spain - so much for camping being a cheap holiday option! i guess it will be cheaper in years to come.

Nemo2007 Sun 24-Jun-07 18:49:59

cadders once you have the bits then it will only be pitch cost

themaskedposter Sun 24-Jun-07 20:33:39

yes - agree with Nemo

we bought a 907 today - expencive price to begin with, but only £17 odd to refill etc

The initial outlay for camping (we are just getting started) is quite high, but once we have gathered together the big stuff it is going to end up SOOO much cheaper.

(and I still reckon it is cheaper than a week away in Europe for us)

magnolia1 Sun 24-Jun-07 21:50:38

I just can't afford the price of the bottle The campsite doesn't hire them out

Wolfgirl Mon 25-Jun-07 09:55:47

are you anywhere near Bracknell?

RosaLuxembourg Mon 25-Jun-07 10:01:25

Didn't somebody suggest trying at the local dump? Apparently they often have perfectly good salvaged ones.

Wolfgirl Mon 25-Jun-07 10:04:25

RL, yes it was me that made that suggestion, but quite often it seems, they only have the very large ones. its probably the winter months you will get the smaller blue ones.

And I think the Op tried the dump already.

I am passing through Bracknell on Friday, and can meet you Magnolia1 if you like, and you can BORROW mine. No rush for it to be returned, but we would like it back sometime. We travel to Brighton quite often, and travel through Bracknell, so the next time (after this Friday) we travel, we could meet you, for you to return it. Else I dont know what else to suggest.

dustystar Mon 25-Jun-07 10:04:53

Have a look in freeads. Someone was selling one near me last week.

dustystar Mon 25-Jun-07 10:22:53

There's one for sale in Wokinham here

Wolfgirl Mon 25-Jun-07 10:25:39

crikey - id buy it even if I didnt want it, and sell it on eBay - they are going for a fortune! LOL

dustystar Mon 25-Jun-07 10:27:25

There are some near me in Dorset going for similar prices.

magnolia1 Mon 25-Jun-07 12:38:51

I am no where near bracknell or wokingham near to Epsom

UCM Mon 25-Jun-07 12:41:50

Cant you change the gas thingy that fits on the bottle to one that takes Calor, I am sure that's what DH did on ours and we pay about 20 quid a bottle.

magnolia1 Mon 25-Jun-07 13:26:10

Now thats what I thought but apparently you are supposed to fit the right cylinder for the equipment and I am too panicky as it is about gas

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