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Recommendations for good campsites in Wales.

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ledodgy Fri 22-Jun-07 12:18:01

We're planning on going camping with the outlaws in the last full week of July and are thinking of Wales as it's not too far. We want somewhere which is family friendly, good amenities and near a beach. I'll be around 16 weeks pregnant so am not bothered about night life, would sooner have a nice sleep but a nice local pub which does decent food would be a bonus too.

TIA just about to go on the pre school run i'll be back later and will leave this in your capable hands.

nearlythere Fri 22-Jun-07 12:21:29

Borth in Ceredigion is nice- good pubs etc very quiet and a nice beach providing the weather is good- but beware when the weather is bad its really bad!!!

ledodgy Fri 22-Jun-07 12:21:30

Forgot to say it needs to be reasonably priced too!

ledodgy Fri 22-Jun-07 12:21:55

OOh crossed posts will check that out.
Be back later.

ledodgy Fri 22-Jun-07 12:22:00


ledodgy Fri 22-Jun-07 12:57:47


Lucycat Fri 22-Jun-07 13:04:15

North Wales? Lleyn?


The campsite shouldn't be a problem but finding one near a pub with food might be...

I'll have a think.

DoubleBluff Fri 22-Jun-07 13:06:52
Is nice and quiet walking distance to pub, five mins to beaches. Very clean and well run.

Nemo2007 Fri 22-Jun-07 21:52:48

ohh ledod didnt think of you as camping type!!!
We were talking about doing a lpool camp

Nemo2007 Fri 22-Jun-07 21:53:49

the plassey in wrexham is supposed to be nice..Browny recommends it! There are also a couple around aberyswyth..will get their names.

Troutpout Sat 23-Jun-07 14:05:10

plas-u chaf on Angelsey is lovely
Near a beach...fab chippie...a few nice pubs
There is a good play area, nice wooded area, very clean toilets and showers.

ledodgy Sun 24-Jun-07 17:13:38

Sorry have just come back to the comp for the first time since Friday and saw I have replies. Thanks will look into them all.

PMSL Nemo not the camping type? Not the camping type? I'll have you know I went camping to Criccieth for 3 consecutive summers in my yoof and I even camped at Glastonbury 1999 with no tent! <<<Ledodgy walks of muttering not the camping type..tsssh.>>

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