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OY camping anoraks - over here please, advice needed

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jeangenie Thu 21-Jun-07 16:47:16

please help before I go mad - having searched for 12 months we finally bought a sunncamp oasis 600 - which was ripped on opening (separate thread on this)
having organised a refund (I hope - getting confirmation tomorrow) I now need to find another tent
the oasis was fab in that it had tonnes of space inside and a great porch, but it was a bit difficult to put up and I HATED the neon zip things and dark windows in it - couldnt imagine spending lots of time in it in the rain for example
so now am on my hunt again - next camping trip planned for 21 July so gotta be quicker this time!
Ive seen peachys recommendation of the ontario and it does look great, except that we would really like a proper porch
so, tent anoraks, your challenge is to find a similar tent, light-medium colour with clear windows, no neon bits on the inside, very easy to erect (so probably tunnel I guess), SIG, sleep 6+, decent living space in case of rain WITH A PORCH (max budget 225 pounds)
does such a tent exist?
and as a tangential challenge, if you are up for it, recommend somewhere near to SE London where I could see it (dont ask for much do I )
thanks people!
(sorry for lack of apostrophes - they were looking very strange when I previewed)

Lucycat Thu 21-Jun-07 17:48:26

In answer to your question about does a tent exist that meets all your requirements then I'm not sure it does! - sorry!

Outwell Indiana 8 - a tunnel, sort of sig, porch, big inside area BUT the price.....

Vango Diablo 600 has a large living space and a tunnnel porch to cook in but it's inner pitch first and not easy to pitch.

Will have a look through my camping stuff and have a think.

If you want to go for a less well known brand then we may have some luck!

I'll be back

Lucycat Thu 21-Jun-07 17:53:36

Would the Khyam Colorado suit you?


price seems good, you can move the front panel to create a porch....

shame it's out of stock with them!

sallyheartshapedstrawberry Thu 21-Jun-07 17:54:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sallyheartshapedstrawberry Thu 21-Jun-07 17:55:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Roobie Thu 21-Jun-07 17:57:36

My spec is similar to yours. I don't like the Outwell Montana that the world and his uncle seem to have as it doesn't have a porch. Have been wondering about the Vango Vail range but seem pricey and no idea how easy to pitch etc.

vango vail

sallyheartshapedstrawberry Thu 21-Jun-07 17:57:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sallyheartshapedstrawberry Thu 21-Jun-07 18:00:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sallyheartshapedstrawberry Thu 21-Jun-07 18:01:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sallyheartshapedstrawberry Thu 21-Jun-07 18:03:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Lucycat Thu 21-Jun-07 18:03:36

Roobie - we like the vango Vail too but can't find one pitched anywhere to go and look at!

jeangenie Thu 21-Jun-07 18:12:11

god you guys are good (and fast!)
khyam colorado could possibly do the trick I think - easy to pitch you reckon?
I also like the outwell nevada L - cos you could use the small bedroom as a porch (we'd probably all sleep together in the back)
SIG is a definite requirement (DH severe critter phobic)
do you think the bedrooms slope a lot in that though?
the vail does look good, but god, that rrp is high - does it have a SIG?
have any of you seen these up? any dreaded neon on the inside? clear windows?
we don't really want a dome with satelite bedrooms as they tend to have huge footprints, want something that'll NEVER mean two pitches required
also would like decent headheight in bedrooms
not fussy am I ?

Roobie Thu 21-Jun-07 18:13:37

They look quite easy to put from the video. I quite fancy the Vail 700 but am worried that it may be too ridiculously big (it looks very wide) and we'd be drummed off the campsites for exceeding pitch size!

sallyheartshapedstrawberry Thu 21-Jun-07 18:13:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sallyheartshapedstrawberry Thu 21-Jun-07 18:14:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Roobie Thu 21-Jun-07 18:14:51

the Vail has a SIG

sallyheartshapedstrawberry Thu 21-Jun-07 18:18:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Lucycat Thu 21-Jun-07 18:19:01

more stuff about the Colorado here

not sure whether it will be enough of a sig if you look at the photos?

tiredemma Thu 21-Jun-07 18:20:40

we got a vango diablo 900 for £230 from towsure.

jeangenie Thu 21-Jun-07 20:02:26

hmm, colorado SIG does look a bit suspect you are right LC

we had sunncamp oasis 600 (but was torn on arrival so only used once) I loved the porch, bedroom & living area size, but it was a bit of a beast to put up and also there was a hell of a lot of neon going on inside and it was a bit dark and dreary inside (apart from the glaring neon) tbh - I was looking with envy at the less "1980's bachelor pad" style tents around us

Lucycat Thu 21-Jun-07 20:34:06

How about a Royal Biarritz 6?

ok so not a tunnel but looks lovely and light, sig, porch....and at £180 - great price!

jeangenie Thu 21-Jun-07 21:07:48

do you think this wynnster tent has a SIG?

jeangenie Thu 21-Jun-07 21:12:13

what do you experts think of this ? it doesn't have the proper porch I want but maybe I can live without that - it has a sun canopy style thingy
looks like good size
how easy do you reckon to pitch? anyone know anything about wynnsters - are they ok make? do they do [shudder] neon interiors?

jeangenie Thu 21-Jun-07 21:36:54

also, could you take a look and see in that last one - the phoenix 6, whether you think the bedroom height is low?

thanks anoraks

jeangenie Fri 22-Jun-07 07:03:08

where have all the experts gone?

what about this one?

I am liking these wynnsters and they seem to have a good rep on ukcampsite

off to work now but will check later - need to let the lady at awnings direct know today whether I want a refund or to swap for the phoenix, but it looks to me like the orion 6 might be as good but with the better porch...

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