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Inter railing tent

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PenelopePitstops Tue 19-Jun-07 12:29:31

ladies need your camping advice

I'm hoping to go inter railing round europe next summer with 2 other people, 2 girls and one boy in total.

We are going to take 2 tents i think but need advice with what kind of thing to take. Obv will need to be light, not too expensive, up and down easily and quickly, possibly 2 two man tents?

sorry for jumbledness and hope someone can make sense of this!

Lucycat Tue 19-Jun-07 15:20:21

Are you planning to do all your sleeping in the tents?

I'd go for a lightweight one with some kind of porch area to keep your boots etc. There are loads on the market so try to get to a camping show / showroom if you can.

Are you planning to cook as well? I saw a stove set (including pans) in Matalan for £20 last week, then you will need an inflatable sleeping mat and a decent size rucksack.

dh and i did this when we were 20 - the best holiday we ever had.

PenelopePitstops Wed 20-Jun-07 17:01:10

wow lucycat im hoping it will be great!

were planning to cook but were thinking trangia and meths

already have huuuge rucksack and sleeping bag (went to namibia last summer)

what kind of order did you go round europe? this seems to be our major sticking point!

Lucycat Wed 20-Jun-07 19:48:40

We did the Hull - Rotterdam crossing as we live in Manchester - then Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Switzerland , France, Italy (only the Riviera) Spain - Barcelona really, the back into France - Beziers, then we got the TGV to Paris, few days in Paris the Calais - Dover - London - home!

fantastic holiday - I'd love to do it again.

I know that now you have to choose zones but then it was the whole of Europe - the Berlin Wall had just come down so it was a very different place too.

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