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Can anyone recommend campsites in Cornwall?

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LittleB Tue 29-May-07 12:51:42

We're going camping at the end of June with dd aged 2 and puppy aged 4 mths, so need child friendly and dog friendly site. But we'd like a quiet site, we're not into entertainment bars etc, although it'd be good if theres somewhere to walk the dog and a little play area for dd, and decent showers and loos. We've stayed at David Bellamy conservation awareded sites before and would like to support them again, anyone recommend any, preferably in the St Ives area?

emmagee Tue 29-May-07 16:04:29

Absolutely fab site we went to last year, just outside StAgnes - so not too far from St Ives but away from the madding crowds, dogs allowed and right on the edge of an old airfield which has SW Coast path running through (we took our dog and she had a ball). Run by a lovely guy, pretty much perfect in every sense
One word of warning - and not about the site, was how many beaches in Cornwall do not allow dogs, check them out - tourist info usually have maps/lists - beofre you head out for the day. Happily enough, St Agnes beach which you can walk to from the site, does

LittleB Tue 29-May-07 20:29:12

Thanks Emma, useful to know about the dogs on beaches too! I'll have a look at the website now. Any other recommendations?

fakeblonde Tue 05-Jun-07 23:49:05

Polmanter .Fabulous.Near st. ives.

accordiongirl Thu 02-Aug-07 20:54:48

treen. it's next to a fantastic remote nudy beach. it's great.

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