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How shall I keep warm?

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GoodyGoodyGumdrops Sat 09-Jun-18 01:07:11

Normally dh and I zip our bags together and I rely on him to keep me warm. Without dh to snug up to, I get very cold, even with wearing merino pjs and wool socks, and sleeping in a (nominally) 3season bag on a 5cm SIM.

So I'm going camping alone. How shall I keep warm? I'm thinking of not bothering with a bag at all, but putting the mattress on a thick wool blanket, putting another wool blanket bettween the mattress and me and folding it over me, with a proper duvet over everything.

Do you think that would be warm enough? Can you suggest something better? (And don't say a B&B! grin)

DelphiniumBlue Sat 09-Jun-18 01:16:39

I think you need as much as possible between you and the ground, so your idea of blankets is good. You could try 2 mattresses, or an air mattress covered with blankets. And don't ditch the sleeping bag, have it as well as the blankets/ duvet.
Also layers of clot hes, and a hat.
Enjoy your trip!

JiltedJohnsJulie Sat 09-Jun-18 01:19:18

DD gets cold so we put a plastic backed picnic blanket under her sim and a fleece blanket between her sim and sleeping bag. It seems to help smile

GoodyGoodyGumdrops Sat 09-Jun-18 08:27:57

Air beds are comfortable (ish!) but not warm. The problem is all that air circulating beneath you. Good idea to double up SIMs. Not tried that. They'd need something between them to prevent slipping and rustling.

chronofix Sat 09-Jun-18 08:29:36

Down gilet, hot water bottle.

LakeFlyPie Sat 09-Jun-18 08:32:19

Cocoon yourself in a fleece blanket, makes a huge difference

keiratwiceknightly Sat 09-Jun-18 09:26:56

We put old fashioned cheap foam roll mats under the sims. Or a yoga mat. Works really well.

kaldefotter Sat 09-Jun-18 09:34:00

You need heat pads. I took these with me to cope with a trip to the Arctic in winter. I find the heat lasts over 12 hours.

AppleKatie Sat 09-Jun-18 09:38:19

Triple height air bed with a blanket on the top. I promise you it isn’t cold underneath.

I don’t know the physics but it is much warmer than a normal air bed.

GoodyGoodyGumdrops Sat 09-Jun-18 09:46:12

Decathlon heat pads - yes, of course! I bought some for my bad back last year. In they go!

And foam mats under the SIM would probably be even better than a blanket. In they go, too. (And now I can have two warm woolly blankets to wrap in.)

I think I might take a double duvet in a single-size cover to enhance squish.

Looks like I'll be taking a dh-sized amount of extra insulation to replace him grin

BiddyPop Wed 13-Jun-18 10:29:35

My sleeping set up (DH is "too old" to camp, and most of the time it's on Cub camp so I am definitely alone then grin ), is:

Foil backed picnic rug on tent floor (foil nearest ground)
BLanket on top of that
5cm SIM on top
4 season sleeping bag
1 blanket over the top which can be kicked off

I wear:
1 thermal layer (merino usually, long legged, long sleeved)
1 pair pyjamas
If chilly, a hoodie over that
Fresh pair of thick, clean, dry socks (I always have cold feet!)
Woolly hat
And a hot water bottle at the bottom of the sleeping bag

I am happy to lose layers if the weather is fab and I am warm. But I prefer to have everything with me in case it is cooler - I need my sleep, and I am almost guaranteed to be woken up by a homesick or sick or lonely Cub, so being able to get back to sleep fast is essential. All the Cubs wake at 5.30am on day 1 of camp.....

Ski4130 Wed 13-Jun-18 12:05:09

Foil back picnic blankets are brilliant for keeping air beds less cold to sleep on. I also then put a fleece blanket on top of the air bed, tucked in with a fitted flannelette sheet, then a sleeping bag and big fleece blanket (for dh and ds2 - they share an air bed as they have similar warmth likes :-) ) and a duvet and big fleece for dd and I (who share an air bed) Ds1 sleeps on an off the floor camp bed, with thin mattress topper, fitted flannelette sheet, then his sleeping bag and a fleece over him.

We all sleep in cotton or fleece pjs, tucked in to fleece socks (we take slip on slider style shoes in case of middle of the night loo visits so we don;t have to take the socks off, as they're too thick to put ordinary shoes on over) a big zip up fleece over the top of it all and a hat if it's really cold.

I have caved this year though, because we're taking the dog, and have bought a camping heater, just to take that chill off the tent late at night.

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