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Self-inflating mattresses...Alpkit v Thermarest and 2 singles v double

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Beeblot Mon 04-Jun-18 21:47:35

Please help me, Mumsnet!

We've just come back from a fabulous camping trip but I cannot spend another night on our airbed because of the backache it gives me. We have 2 more camping trips planned this year, so I'm looking to get self-inflating mattresses instead.

In our twenties/thirties and pre-kids we had the basic Thermarests and they were very comfortable. But we are in our forties now and I'd like something a bit thicker. I have been looking at the Alpkit Dozer and the Thermarest Dreamtime and I'd love to hear from owners of either because there's a bit of a price difference!

Also, what's best - 2 singles, or a double? A double seems to be cheaper but for camping, 2 singles seems to be more flexible. What do other people do? My only criticism of Thermarests in the past was that they were a bit narrow.

ImpYCelyn Tue 05-Jun-18 13:03:04

Not sure about those two, but always two singles instead of a double. Otherwise you get bounced around every time they roll over or wiggle.

NotAnotherJaffaCake Tue 05-Jun-18 13:03:53

How about Exped? Loads of choice and they are excellent quality.

OBface Tue 05-Jun-18 13:50:47

This trip we used a SIM on top of an (Aldi cheapo) campbed and it was wonderful. Probably only good if you are camping close to your car though. Link to the campbed below, having looked at the options in Go Outdoors seemed very good quality.

ScrubTheDecks Tue 05-Jun-18 17:04:52 have a great Outwell 7.5 Cm single may for £32. Wider than Thermarests and this is quite thick.

I find double mats a complete pain to roll up and put away.

hettie Thu 07-Jun-18 19:58:09

We have a dreamtime (2 singles)... It's possibly more comfortable than my mattress at home. I've slept for two weeks on it no back ache....

MrsBobDylan Fri 08-Jun-18 20:56:08

I have just bought two carp fishing bed chairs with....drumroll...memory foam. They are outrageously comfortable. I am too old and decrepit to to camp uncomfortably anymore.

Beeblot Fri 08-Jun-18 22:55:30

Thanks so much for the replies... @NotAnotherJaffaCake, yes, I started looking at the Exped Megamat as well - which has great reviews - but it's super expensive. That said, we've just invested a fair bit in the tent and want to use it for proper holidays...and I just can't be uncomfortable on an airbed anymore. We returned on Saturday and my back has only just gone back to normal!

Thanks for the recommendations...will check them out. And I am sold on the idea of 2 singles rather than a double.

UterusUterusGhali Wed 13-Jun-18 21:48:17

Won't two singles slide off each other if you are on a slight slope?

Do you gaffer tape them together?

I normally put my children in their sleeping bags plus SIM inside a liner to stop them migrating off it but don't think that would work for an adult?

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