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ReadyBed or sleeping bag for 2yo

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Happycow Thu 24-May-18 09:44:34

My ds at home has a duvet but am looking at both a sleeping bag or ReadyBed for our camping trip.

The thing that's appealing about the ReadyBed is that it has the 'bumper' around the head end (my ds always wriggle up to the head end of the cot at home).

Does anyone have one of these? And if so are they plasticky or quite soft and cosy??


CF43 Thu 24-May-18 09:59:42

We used a ready red for camping they like to feel safe and secure. Mine one was quite soft and cosy, bit like a duvet with a secure headend to it.

bookmum08 Thu 24-May-18 10:11:50

Camping can get quite cold at night (even in the summer) and will be a lot darker so your 2 year old might want to end up snuggling with you but would be OK with his own sleeping bag rather than climbing into yours. Sleepy bags are fun for pretending to be a wiggly worm in and yes too much wiggling can cause the sleeping bag to roll off the blow up mattress and end up in the corner of the tent with child). Amusing but annoying at 5am with "help mummy l'm stuck". Conclusion - take both. Camping is a lot of trial and error.

bookmum08 Thu 24-May-18 10:14:07

Ooh second thought though - I think sleeping bags are easier to wash if there are night time wee wee accidents. Double up those nappies!!!!

Happycow Thu 24-May-18 15:58:31

Ah good call bookmum! I would say there haven't been leaky nappies for a while, but I won't otherwise that would mean ds will have on on the first night 🙄.

Do you think I could fit a waterproof sheet on a ReadyBed? I'm leaning towards one to avoid the early morning wakeup call of "I'm stuck!" But clearly more to think about than I though :-) thank you

ScrubTheDecks Thu 24-May-18 21:48:49

If you use a ready bed, but a fleece sheet under the child and a foam mat under the ready bed - because they are blow up mattresses they offer no insulation from the cold ground.

Or you can use foam tiles (the big interlocking play mat ones) as an insulating floor in the bedroom pods.

Personally I think children are better on roll out foam mats or a SIM than a normal blow-up mattress because they can't roll off them and get stuck. And if you have insulated the whole floor with mats, they are still protected form the ground.

You could tuck a sleeping bag into a ready bed!

Butterymuffin Thu 24-May-18 21:51:57

My DC slept well in a ready bed at 2. I would go with that and *Scrub's suggestion of foam mat underneath. A yoga mat would do it.

DropZoneOne Thu 24-May-18 21:56:12

We had one of these when DD grew out of her travel cot. We'd use with her duvet or a sleeping bag depending on where we were going.

Happycow Thu 24-May-18 22:09:15

I like that #dropzone. I think I'm sold on that or a ReadyBed, it will keep him vaguely in one place! I have visions of him slowly wriggling/headbutting his way across the tent in the middle of the night otherwise!

Thank you all for your replies.

Digestive28 Thu 24-May-18 22:17:02

I would recommend the sleeping pod, it’s a circular shaped sleeping bag so warm and insulated but room to move. Worked for our toddler

Beeblot Mon 04-Jun-18 21:42:17

We have a similar airbed to the one DropZone suggested. They are a good idea. We have a Kelty Woobie sleeping bag, which is excellent and can be zipped up at the bottom to make it smaller. It is better quality than the sleeping bags DH and I use!

Almostthere15 Wed 13-Jun-18 22:03:28

We have the kampa airlock and with a sleeping bag it's perfect. I don't think the ready bed would be warm enough personally without extra covers. We just put a fleece blanket under the air bed for insulation

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