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Bell Tent cotton or polycotton?

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weepingwillows Wed 23-May-18 13:42:23

Sorry to start a new thread on bell tents but believe me I have gone through all 10 pages of previous threads and none cover this question. My husband and I are buying our first tent and now think we want a bell tent. One of the websites we have been looking at seem to have gone to polycotton while the others are 100% cotton canvas. Of course their website talks about the positives of polycotton such as durability and mildew resistance but wondering if there are any negatives differences and why I should maybe not go for polycotton option? Thanks so much?

weepingwillows Wed 23-May-18 20:42:42

any camping enthusiasts out there?

ScrubTheDecks Thu 24-May-18 08:09:20

Have you seen the Gelert Navajo polycotton bell tent as sold by SportsDirect?

Despite the SD retail connection, these tents get very good reviews.

Captainladder Thu 24-May-18 21:48:43

We got a cotton one as then we could buy the fire retardant treated type and have a wood burning stove... friends of ours have a poly one and love it.... I’m a bit of a wuss when it comes to cold though so it was no stove no camping for me!

hettie Fri 25-May-18 16:09:50

I've got polycotton (not bell) and it's lighter than my friends cotton by miles. Easier to transport, set up, and dries quicker. But it appears just as durable and not like a sauna in the sun...

hettie Fri 25-May-18 16:56:16

Not sure what the material is thats used in these, but seems to be something similar

averythinline Tue 29-May-18 08:23:05

Polycotton is much lighter than the traditional canvas bell tent and easier to dry - they are not quite as 'breathable and probably wont last quite as long (no evidence beyond scout canvas tents wich are 40yrs+ old!) however you really must make sure canvas are packed completely dry or you have plenty of space to dry them soon....

I have different sort of polycotton and love it.. and am toying with getting a smaller one as we often camp by train/plane so looking for lightweight hadnt thought of bell tent! may start shopping grin

which polycotton ones are you looking at? the soulpad looks quite good -
Gelerts have never been a great brand of tents and I cant find reviews apart from the one on ukcampsite where it hasnt been tried in the rain! so if anyones tried one ould love to hear...

weepingwillows Thu 07-Jun-18 00:10:59

So after weeks of indecision and lots of research I decided on a 100% cotton one from belltentboutique. Karma would have been my first choice but they had sold out. I am now a new bell tent owner arriving tomorrow!

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