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PEMBROKESHIRE - can anyone recommend a nice campsite?

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Y0rkshirelass Wed 16-May-07 16:46:23

I'm looking for one with good facilities - DP will not entertain the thought of camping otherwise!

Chirpygirl Wed 16-May-07 19:54:39

I have heard nothing but good things of Trefalun Park

My SIL always stays there, but I live down the road, so haven't stayed myself!

DeviousDaffodil Wed 16-May-07 19:59:51

My parents have a static here.this one
The washrroma re very clean. There is not a lot to do but the site is really quiet and well maintained.
Very near Saundersfoot and Tenby.
We are taking our tent there soon.

munz Wed 16-May-07 20:03:34

newgale beach - not sure on the name of the site, but it's lovely and a pub on hand as well infact it's not even 50 paces form the site to teh pub

Y0rkshirelass Thu 17-May-07 13:22:03

Great, thanks for those, will have a closer look later on.
Daffodil, had to laugh at part of the descriptions of the caravans -

'The interiors have colour co-ordinated upholstery and drapes'

Well that's sold it for me!

fennel Sat 19-May-07 16:23:53

Caerfai campsite just outside st david's is nice, on an organic farm which makes its own ice cream. It has its own beach, and you can walk into St David's for pubs etc.

Whitesands, the other side of St Davids, is near a very good surfing beach and good coast walks.

We had a very restless time at Newgale. The clue's in the name. It can be EXTREMELY windy.

debgronow Sat 19-May-07 17:48:05

Yes Trefalun park is very nice has a big paly ground and donkeys. its also really near asmall zoo/ wild life park and Heatherton park.

hughsy Mon 25-Jun-07 13:37:31

We always go to Caerfai Bay Caravan and Camping Site - Near St Davids and a 5 minute walk down to the beach. Has fab family bathrooms - with a bath (a bonus as DS2 hates showers) great family atmosphere and amazing views.

Don't go to the Newgale campsite - its next to a main road and full of 18 - 24 years olds who go to surf. Great if you're that age - but I imagine it is noisy at night.

Roskva Mon 25-Jun-07 13:55:32

Avoid Newgale if it's raining/is likely to rain - unless you pitch on the right hand side near the entrance or on the slope, you could get flooded out. Caerfai is nicer, and is closer to civilisation, but it is further to walk to the beach.

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