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Can anyone recommend a nice campsite in the Lake District please?

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Ceolas Sat 12-May-07 15:30:53

More north than south. For 2 nights at the end of this month. Children's play area and hot showers an essential

filthymindedvixen Sat 12-May-07 19:18:26

have a look here m'dear


and come back and tell us if you find a treasure! (we haven't been to Lakes with the children so all my faves are not neccessarily child-friendly IFSWIM)

Blu Sat 12-May-07 19:21:21

I'm not sure capmsites in the Lakes have 'facilities' like children's play areas...but maybe somone else will know of one. There is a beautiful campsite just above brother's water at the bottom of the Kirkstone Pass, and Patterdale Campsite at the end of Ullswater - both in the Northern edge of the Lakes.

filthymindedvixen Sat 12-May-07 19:26:02

there is one, somewhere, which has a little light railway next to it, I'm frantically trying to remember where...

2gorgeousboys Sat 12-May-07 20:00:26

The National Trus Campsite at Great Langdale is fantastic - clean and hot showers and a seperate family field with childrens play area. We went at least every other week last summer and my boys loved it. I can't do links but if you look on the NT website you should find it

Ceolas Sat 12-May-07 20:03:44

Sounds ideal 2gorgeousboys

roisin Sat 12-May-07 20:08:56

The one filthymindedvixen means is in Eskdale next to the Ratty railway. It's called Fisherground . (We've been past it loads of times - on the train, but haven't ever stayed there - I read reviews of it getting really crowded in hols as they don't set limits, which put us off.) But you can have real camp fires there, which sounds fun.

roisin Sat 12-May-07 20:10:18

At least some of the NT campsites don't allow you to book in advance - which has its pros and cons. Also some of them don't allow any cars on the campsite at all; so if you don't have a trailer unpacking can be really hard work. But obviously you have the benefit then of a car-free campsite.

daisybump Sat 12-May-07 20:10:51

Can I second Great Langdale....fantastic site and the Old Dungeon Ghyll pub (5 mins walk) is a must for good beer and lots of atmosphere...and they are pretty child friendly too.

Not been for a few years, but its got me all nostalgic

PandaG Sat 12-May-07 20:14:47

came on this thread to recommend Great Langdale, the only downside is tha you cannot book inadvance, but the views, the views...and the walks are fantastic. We did our first camp there as a family last summer, and got hooked on camping!

roisin Sat 12-May-07 20:17:57

Be aware that many campsites will be very busy in Whit week - if that's when you're planning to go - as it is their busiest week if the weather's good. Some also have minimum stays as well.

We have a lovely quiet campsite Church Stile on the Western side, near Wastwater - great for fellclimbing - nr Scafell Pike. But it only has a tiny children's play area, so probably doesn't meet your criteria. But it has a wonderful woodland area that the boys ran off to explore alone, and the tiny play area is sufficiently exciting to manage to break your arm in two places on the first evening And it's a fair trek to the nearest A&E!

Lizzer Sat 12-May-07 20:29:22

Yay Fisherground was mentioned! I was going to suggest it, we've been many times and always liked it for the 'family' aspect. Children's play area but for bigger kids not toddlers, plus a little bit of a paddling area if its super hot (fat chance!) the showers are great and they allow small fires in the pits provided. You do get a bit of a debriefing from the owners when you arrive and they tell you off if you have music on after 10.30 ( from personal experience) but you can enjoy a drink round the fire once the kids have gone to bed no probs...And you do get the idea that they really care about the safety of all there. I did once get told off for washing dd's (4 at time) feet in the sink!
The best bit is the Lil' ratty minature train has a stop ON the campsite, it goes past every half hour or so. Magic!

sarahhal Sat 12-May-07 21:05:37

Lizzer, we were thinking of Fisherground for our next trip - do you think that the kids's stuff is suitable for a 4 year old? It looks fab but don't want to spend the whole time telling Ds that it's for bigger boys!!

Ceolas Sun 13-May-07 16:24:39

I was thinking the same about the playground. Ours are 7,5 and nearly 4.

filthymindedvixen Sun 13-May-07 16:44:35

oh we are so going to Fisherground
(after too many sleepless nights on so-called 'family' campsites where pissed up campers partied til the wee hours...I love the idea of peace after 10.30pm)[old git emoticom]

squashy4 Sun 13-May-07 16:47:05

filthymindedvixen - you mean eskdale i think! and the little railway is called "the lal ratty" i live near there!

mumclaire Sun 13-May-07 19:48:29

We're going to the Camping and Caravanning club site at Windermere - anyone been there?? Looks fairly family friendly...

Anteater Sun 13-May-07 20:25:40

that ones called Sykeside.

Lizzer Sun 13-May-07 23:22:25

Hi sorry I've only just replied Ceolas and Sarahhal, I would say that Fisherground Campsite's play area is for 6 and over. We took dd at 4 and she struggled, you would have to be with them BUT then dd and the friend's we went with (with similar aged children) didn't bother at all about going to it, and we've been going for 3 yrs now, its not that great and if you take a frisbee, bat and ball, there's no need to go. ITs tucked away at the side and you could even get away with not telling them it was there if you camped near the train stop or the shower block. The other plus points are the shop/PO in Eskdale village which sells everything! (Pate, suffed vine leaves, fresh bread, newspapers,beer, champagne - everything!!)

IT's so worth it for the fires, the 'noise out' (as long as you don't want a party that is) and the L'al ratty train stop. Imagine jumping on a little train to explore the surroundings! (Children 4 and under I think go free)

It does get v busy when hot though so ring first...

Anyway I'll stop going on about it now, check out the link from Roisin and see what you think

fennel Mon 14-May-07 09:17:09

Our friends stay at Fisherground quite a lot.

We find that lots of Lake district campsites have quite a lot for children to do without having a formal play area. for example, Side farm in Ullswater is by the lake, children can play on the little beaches, in the trees, and go and see the horses. Coniston Hall campsite has great beaches for paddling and playing too. Wasdale head is surrounded by little streams for paddling and damming. also you can climb trees there and there are no cars on the site which is brilliant for children. all of those have hot showers.

fennel Mon 14-May-07 09:36:17

I meant to add, the friends love Fisherground and it does look good for older children though the deepish river and night-time noisiness put us off with toddlers.

Ceolas Mon 14-May-07 12:22:34

Minimum stay at Fisherground is 3 nights. I will be doing well to persuade Dh to stay 2!

flipflopper Mon 14-May-07 14:25:36

We have just been to Park Foot campsite in Ullswater. We were booked for 3 nights but only stayed 2 as it was very windy and forecast for rain the next day.

We found it really nice, it is a big campsite and quite busy but the facilities are really good. There are 2 playgrounds, a shop, bar and restaurant, takeaway, big shower and toilet block.

Only thing i would say is, to ask to be in the fields near the clubhouse, not the lake as you are nearer the faci;ities.

There are reviews etc on the ukcampsite website.

Lizzer Mon 14-May-07 21:21:12

Nooooooo! 3 nights at Fisherground - that's a new rule!

Second the vote for Coniston Hall too

Ceolas Fri 18-May-07 09:21:14

Really would like to try Fisherground. They don't take bookings and 3 night minimum stay is confirmed with the nice man on the phone today.

What time Friday would you think we'd have to arrive?

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