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Are you jealous Martianbishop?

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dustystar Fri 11-May-07 12:46:52


I got the Vermont L

Got a good deal as well - only problem is its pouring with rain so we can't try putting it up yet

I can't wait to try it out - I am sooo excited!!!!

FeelingOld Fri 11-May-07 13:47:41

They are fab tents aren't they.
We went to a camping exhibition at the weekend (don't know why we bought an indiana 8 last year) and we went in one of these, really nice tent, loved the wardrobe
Hope you have a fab time with it.

dustystar Fri 11-May-07 17:13:27

Mp are you there?

Troutpout Fri 11-May-07 17:24:41

tent porn pics please?
i wanna see

dustystar Fri 11-May-07 18:00:39

Look here

Lucycat Fri 11-May-07 18:01:49

You'll be wanting some Outwell folding hangers to go in your wardrobe now then?

dustystar Fri 11-May-07 18:06:31

Ooh folding hangers

We're getting the carpet soon - dh says we are becoming wussy campers but i don't care. We won't need the hangers actually as ds wants to sleep in the wardrobe LOL

Lucycat Fri 11-May-07 18:08:46

isn't that a bit Harry Potteresque?

get him to do some ironing while he's in there!

dustystar Fri 11-May-07 18:12:47

He loves Harry potter - I don't think I want to let him loose anywhere with an iron though

Lucycat Fri 11-May-07 18:14:25

mmm maybe not - hadn't thought that one through - perhaps a nice bit of folding then?

so where are you camping first? we will want to see photos you know

dustystar Fri 11-May-07 18:16:09

A lovely campsite in exford on the North devon / somerset border called westermill Farm.

Its very basic but really beautiful and if you can handle being woken up be the animals (its a working farm) its great.

We're going in 13 days and we can't wait

dustystar Fri 11-May-07 18:18:37

look here

Troutpout Fri 11-May-07 18:19:10

he's beautiful..

ooh very exciting

Lucycat Fri 11-May-07 18:20:03

ooh looks lovely.

Troutpout Fri 11-May-07 18:20:34

site looks great too
You will have a lovely time

dustystar Fri 11-May-07 18:24:20

We went last year and it was great. i am so excited i'm like a kid I'm itching to get a chance to try putting the thing up now- pray for dry weather next week so we can have a trial run.

dustystar Fri 11-May-07 18:34:38

MP - it has lurvely guy ropes you know

Lucycat Fri 11-May-07 18:37:12

It's worth buying some spare ones - some bugger of a rabbit chewed through 3 of ours in Dorset last summer. What sort of vegetation it thought fluorescent yellow ropes was....

dustystar Fri 11-May-07 18:38:29

LOL Lucycat - may have to pinch some of the ones off our old tent - they won't be nearly so pretty though.

dustystar Fri 11-May-07 18:38:49

Where abouts in Dorset did you stay?

Lucycat Fri 11-May-07 18:45:44

We stayed at Golden Cap near Lyme Regis and Pear Tree over towards Poole - great weather.

We love Lyme Regis.

dustystar Fri 11-May-07 18:47:56

Oooh I love Golden Cap. We tend to stay at a big site in Charmouth when we camp at Easter as it has lots of facilities including an indoor pool so there is stuff to do if the weather is lousy. We always go walking around Golden Cap and Langdon Wood.

dustystar Fri 11-May-07 18:48:23

Where's Pear tree? I've not heard of that and I'm from Poole?

PeachyChocolateEClair Fri 11-May-07 18:53:07

dusty, is that Wood Farm? we go there sometimes (Dh from Chard so it was the local beach when he was a kid- as we had Burnham In Sea )

I wish I could get the utwells, they just don't do it for me <<sigh>>

Its 5000 HH though isn't it (like my Khyam ) which is a huge HH rating

RowleyBarkerHobbs Fri 11-May-07 18:59:12

That looks like a nice site

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