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If we love El Delfin Verde and Serignan Plage, where should we go in Italy?

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JemimaJaneJones Sun 01-Oct-17 19:59:56

Just as the title says really, before I book Delfin Verde for the 4th year in a row!!

We like plenty for the kids to do, walking distance to the beach and scope for a couple of sight seeing days here and there!

Can anyone recommend a site?

Thanks smile

FrankiesKnuckle Mon 09-Oct-17 14:46:59

No advice sorry, but can I ask you about delfin?
On my list of 4 possibles for next year, me, husband and 5yr old daughter - so fed up of AI holidays, soulless and boring to me! So, we are looking at Europe campsites for future holidays.... Thanks!

JemimaJaneJones Wed 11-Oct-17 09:33:15

Ah, Delfin Verde is lovely. Really beautiful area, and the campsite is immaculate. Loads for kids to do, and this year they've put in loads of little paddling pools dotted around the site which are perfect for smaller kids. Tons and tons of activities if you want them. It is large and busy though which might not be everyone's cup of tea. Lovely beach right on the site and if you drive south 10 minutes there are loads of stunning little cove beaches. It's proving very hard to find something that matches up! smile

FrankiesKnuckle Wed 11-Oct-17 11:03:06

Thank you! I don’t mind busy, just don’t like feeling herded around like AI, and love getting out exploring and eating out/in.
Sounds perfect for us, now to convince my husband!

Branleuse Wed 11-Oct-17 11:05:56

if youre not done with delphin verde, and still love it, then i dont see any problem with going back a few more times

hotbutteredcrumpetsandtea Wed 08-Nov-17 15:13:00

Bella Italia at Lake Garda I much preferred to Delfin Verde. The latter is out in the middle of nowhere with nothing around it, and I thought the food was awful. Also no slides or anything at the pool.

mirmc Sun 12-Nov-17 21:45:18

Went to DV 3 times and haven't been anywhere as nice. Been to loads of sites in France. Looked at Bella Italia but it is literally 3 times the price for a much much smaller mobile! I know the area is beautiful, but have heard there's sunbed hogging and the mobiles are very close together. Is it really that much nicer? We always hire a car, so not being walking distance to a town didn't bother me at Delfin Verde.

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