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Large tent for 5 - Coleman Valdes/Outwell Drummond/Khyam Harewood Plus or others?

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MaybeImJustTooDemanding Tue 12-Sep-17 16:53:52

I'm trying to persuade DH to buy a new tent and looking for recommendations. There are five of us but 2 of the 3 DCs are adult sized and we like plenty of room so has to be a minimum 6 person. Currently have a Vango Amazon 600 for long holidays and an Icarus 600 for weekends which we use with a pup tent but the Amazon's about 9 years old now and starting to let some water in so we're looking at replacing it if we can find a good deal.

We need a minimum of 3 bedrooms and a decent living area, ideally with a porch large enough to cook under in bad weather. Would be lovely if it was easier than the Amazon to put up (even better if it was practical for quick weekend camping too as the Icarus is also aging!). Needs to be sturdy and stand up to bad weather not just fair weather camping!

I wouldn't want to go over £600 ish if possible, preferably less. Was coveting an Outwell Bear Lake 6 on our last holiday (stood firm whilst ours flapped like a kite!) but I think tents like that are out of our price range!

The following look like they might work for us:
Coleman Valdes 6xl - air tent for speed!
Outwell Drummond 7 which appears to be very similar to/the same as Outwell Buckville 700 - very similar to our current Amazon so still a beast to put up but we know the general layout/style works
Khyam Harewood Plus - looks quick to pitch but never tried the Khyam pole system. Advantage of 4th bedroom but might need to get the annexe for living space.

Would appreciate any feedback on the above or other suggestions that might suit us!

Pixel Tue 12-Sep-17 21:12:07

We have the Khyam Harewood 6 berth version so I can give you my opinion on that . I've always said that the only thing I didn't like was the lack of windows so I'm now jealous of anyone who gets the updated one with windows! Oh and the outer door zip tends to jam up but lots of people moaned about that on the reviews when we first got it so they may have sorted that by now as well.

We are pleased with it. It's stood up to some harsh weather and never leaked or been damaged. It is easy to put up once you get used to the system, although there is a lot of pegging out to do round the bottom. They guy ropes aren't as bad because they sort of join three into one so it's only one peg. The main thing for us is not having to thread the dreaded fibre glass poles through endless sleeves, you just unfold it like a big umbrella and up it goes. Hanging the bedrooms up inside takes seconds. My other bugbear is that the bag is a tight fit, but that's true of a lot of tents now and it's ok if you make sure to get all the air out of the tent before you try and pack it (leave the doors undone when you roll it up!).

I would recommend getting the annexe. It's so useful for keeping wet coats and shoes out of the tent and we have a big table there too for preparing food ( There is plenty of room for our cooker but I'm too paranoid to cook inside). The main reason though is that the tent by itself has a sloping doorway so if it's raining the wet comes in on the groundsheet every time you open the door.

I can't remember how long we've had it but it's a good few years and it's had plenty of use. Found a pic taken in the Cotswolds in 2012 and it doesn't look much different now except that nowadays it gets adorned with fairly lights grin. We started off with smallish children and now we are four adults but we don't feel we've outgrown it.

Pixel Tue 12-Sep-17 21:14:12

Oh goodness, typed far too much. That'll teach me to answer posts while multitasking blush.

MaybeImJustTooDemanding Wed 13-Sep-17 15:22:44

Don't worry - detail is good, that's really helpful!! smile

reallyneedmoresleep Wed 27-Sep-17 09:16:35

Check the hydrostatic head on any new tent. Coleman tents tend to only have an hh of about 2000 which means they are much more likely to leak than the Outwell or Vango tents with an hh of 5000.
Have you thought about getting a second hand poly cotton/ canvas tent? If looked after, they last forever

EveryoneTalkAboutPopMusic Wed 18-Oct-17 18:24:30

We have the Coleman Valdes but there are only 4 of us and the smallest one is tiny.

Good points are

It goes up really quickly
There’s tonnes of living space
It’s lived through some pretty stormy camping trips
Love the front door

The minus points

It’s very heavy
Not sure it has the porch you are looking for

I do love it though smile

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