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Has anyone tried Featherdown Farms camping holidays yet?

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Soapbox Sun 01-Apr-07 11:18:13


Would be interested in any feedback!

Lucycat Sun 01-Apr-07 15:26:39

Wasn't Abbie-mumsnet going here?

looks gorgeous if a little Bodenesque

PeachyClair Sun 01-Apr-07 19:40:50

Looks nice though not sure it is really a tent is it? Come on creaky floorboards in a tent LOL??????????

TwoToTango Sun 01-Apr-07 20:37:30

It looks great - really different - i've just sent for a brochure - will keep my eye on this thread for any feedback

Cloudhopper Sun 01-Apr-07 21:01:29

I really fancy this - has anyone been to one? Are all the tents close together or are they spread around the farm?

TwoToTango Sun 01-Apr-07 21:15:36

Just found this brief review - scroll down a bit

Soapbox Sun 01-Apr-07 22:26:20

Mmmm - I've never been a camping type - just thought this might be a less spidery option

I'll keep my eye out for a few more reviews first before I book, but it does sound like a lovely get away from it all idea

misdee Sun 01-Apr-07 22:33:56

am i being dense, but what is the price of this sort of holiday?

monkeymonkeymoomoo Sun 01-Apr-07 22:36:48

Yes my cousin and his wife did and they loved it!

Soapbox Sun 01-Apr-07 22:44:10

Misdee - a 3 day weekend break in Mid August is around £400 for 2 adults and 2 children.

Blu Sun 01-Apr-07 22:48:54

<<Blu struggles with eyebrows which have been deeply knitted since she spotted this thread when it first appeared and went into knit-spasm trying to picture Soapbox as a camper>>

misdee Sun 01-Apr-07 22:49:43



Soapbox Sun 01-Apr-07 22:55:13


Okay - I confess - I am looking to send DH off with the children while I stay in a nice hotel (without any scurrying furry friends)

You can unknit your brow now

Blu Mon 02-Apr-07 10:50:10

Aha! That makes sense.

Consult Marina - I think she sent her DH off on a Tipi with her DS.

AbbyMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 04-Apr-07 19:44:43

Was supposed to be going to the Welsh one this weekend, but farmer decided not to go ahead with it, so can't give you a report as yet. However, am heading to the Cornwall one in the summer instead, so will let you know what it's like when we get back.

misdee Sat 07-Apr-07 09:29:03

well i got the brochure through and price list. not as bad as expected lol. might be what we need after this nightmare has ended. but i think we would ahve to couple it with an all adventure pack weekend break elsewhere straigh after to placate everyone lol.

bakedpotato Mon 14-May-07 12:50:16

bump, anyone been yet?

bakedpotato Mon 14-May-07 18:24:09


bakedpotato Wed 16-May-07 10:07:22


DeviousDaffodil Wed 16-May-07 10:10:20

Why not just go in a tent?looks a bit twee.

bakedpotato Wed 16-May-07 10:14:56

too drippy for proper camping, want beds

bakedpotato Wed 16-May-07 16:13:53

No frontline reports?

twynkle Thu 17-May-07 16:48:36

I wanted camping but without having to put up a tent and sleep on the floor so we went here last year:

It was REALLY lovely.

MrsCarrot Mon 28-May-07 13:05:48

We've just been looking at these. Usually do 'proper' camping with no amenities, just a field by the sea but this year, having just got married and with a four month old I can't be bothered to even draw up a list of what we need.

There's only one week available in the summer at one of the farms, in the lake district, and as we went to Yorkshire at Easter we've decided to go south and have a tipi in cornwall.

Just arrive. Unload car. Beds made. Fire ready. Own private field. Sounds bloody lovely.

Very interested to hear what others think of the feather place though.

Anteater Mon 28-May-07 13:26:34

How about this??
May be what some of you nonbodenesque ones are looking for!

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