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Scottish Camp Sites - Best Kitchen Facilities

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Forgottendreams85 Wed 05-Jul-17 22:19:43

This year, for our summer holiday, we are going camping.

The prospect scares me a little as we will be camping for the first time as a family (husband and I, 2 young kids and a puppy)

Can anyone recommend some sites in scotland that have good kitchen facilities - I have read this in the descriptions of a few sites, but really not sure what 'kitchen facilities' covers. But it sounds like it could potentially help me out with meal time chaos smile

Thanks in advance!

EveryoneTalkAboutPopMusic Thu 06-Jul-17 08:07:52

Can't help as I've never camped anywhere with a kitchen. Usually where we camp there's a dish wash area and that's it.

Mealtimes with little ones shouldn't be too stressful though. Are they old enough to play outside whilst you prepare tea?

LtGreggs Thu 06-Jul-17 08:13:32

Find one with an on-site cafe (or near a village) and ditch the cooking... I think Big Sands in Gairloch, or Blair Atholl?

Scotland is pretty big - do you have a preffered area?

ImperfectTents Thu 06-Jul-17 08:17:46

Big sands has large indoor cooking area with big benches to sit at. it is a fantastic campsite

ImperfectTents Thu 06-Jul-17 08:18:26

are you taking an electric hook up?

Forgottendreams85 Thu 06-Jul-17 09:54:21

Thank you imperfect tents. I was hoping someone would suggest somewhere with a kitchen. I will look up big sands.

We are looking at areas such as Castle Douglas, Port Patrick, Perth and Kinross area, but we are flexible for the right site.

We will be using a cafe for perhaps 1 meal, but this would be too expensive to use as an option for all meals. And we will be having campstove meals too, as this is all part of the fun. But kitchen facilities would be fantastic as it would open up a lot more options for eating.

My kids are 4 and 2 so they will have great fun running around whilst meal time prep is underway.

Any other suggestions would be greatly received. smile

Forgottendreams85 Thu 06-Jul-17 09:55:28

I don't think we will have an electric hook up.

OutandIntoday Thu 06-Jul-17 10:03:34

I have never been to a campsite with communal kitchens - washing up area yes, kitchen no- most people cook on gas stoves/ bbqs at their tent. I think you might be limiting your options. We live Cambasdarich up near Morar but you are on your own for food.

BarchesterFlowers Thu 06-Jul-17 13:01:29

I have been to a few sites with a kitchen, never used it but there is often competition. So, you couldn't guarantee that it would be available even if the place had one. Even then it is often just a two ring burner and a microwave.

I think you just need to embrace camp cooking. There is nothing you can't do without food wise on a camping holiday!

profpoopsnagle Thu 06-Jul-17 15:36:58

Denmark campsites usually have camp kitchens, where you can use their gas and some have electric kettles etc. But guess that's a bit far. I have never seen a UK site with a kitchen- the odd microwave here and there. Some I have stayed in have a cooking barn. It's literally an open barn with trestle tables that you take your gas/stuff too, just gives you a bit of protection from any rain

Forgottendreams85 Thu 06-Jul-17 16:25:40

Thanks for all the replies.

I've seen a few sites advertise 'kitchen facilities' and to be honest if all they had in the area was a microwave I would be more than happy as it means ready meals are an option too.

Thanks to all the people who have recommended a site name - gives me a good starting point. smile

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