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Best non electric hook up cool box for starters

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wintersdawn Sun 18-Jun-17 21:53:20

We are trying camping for the first time this year and are heading to a no hook up site so we need a cool box but don't really want to invest in anything as expensive as an iceytex for a first outing.

Does anyone have any tips? Thanks.

Thumbcat Mon 19-Jun-17 11:20:10

I've recommended this on a couple of threads before. It really is very good.

JustHappy3 Mon 19-Jun-17 11:32:19

If you're not paying iceytek money then i think they're all much of a muchness.

Tips i got from this site that i have been most grateful for....
Pop a plastic bottle of water (pour a bit out first) or milk in the freezer 1-2 weeks before you go so it freezes really solid. It will keep everything cool for a weekend.

Start chilling down the coolbox with a spare ice block the night before.

Freeze any bacon/meat you're not using the first day.

Pack it full of already cold stuff (quickly!)
Don't open the lid much after that

Wet a hand towel and drape it over the top.

Bags of ice have holes in them and fill your cool box withwater - lesson learnt the hard way!

NannyR Mon 19-Jun-17 11:40:38

I bought a campingaz isotherm one to replace my cheapy ten quid one. I think it cost about £40. It does keep things cooler for longer than the cheap one but I've never used one of the iceytek ones so can't compare it to those.

I freeze as much as I can, for example I marinade my meat and freeze it in daily portions for the bbq, frozen portions of chilli or Bolognese, etc. Take spare labelled icepacks and pop them in the campsite freezer when you get there and swap them over every day.

wintersdawn Mon 19-Jun-17 18:17:42

Thanks thumbcat that looks ideal.

Thanks for the tips everyone.

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