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Your recommendations please - campsite foir a tent and a caravan, south half of England, nice for families but not too noisy.

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Cadbury Sun 18-Mar-07 17:14:00

I'm hoping that some of you seasoned campers out there can recommend somewhere.

We need some where to go for the first 2 weeks of the summer hols with my parents in their caravan, us in the tent we have just been given, that has a swing park in it, nice showers and loos (pref with a baby changing bit). Not too worried about it having entertainment (like a club)for the kids, but a swing park and/or a pool would be great.

We are looking at the south half of England but not too long a drive from us (we are in Kent) as we have a small baby (so probably not the West country but if the site was lovely, we might consider it).

I guess from the price side of things, it needs to be fairly basic for us to be able to afford to stay there for 10 days to 2 weeks in August, but although my parents caravan is all mod cons, we only have a tent at the moment and nothing else so we'll need to get things to survive in it.

Basically, I needed your experience and recommendations as we are pretty new to this.

Can anyone help?

Boobsgonesouth Sun 18-Mar-07 17:18:18

Kent to Sussex not that far (take the coast road down to Arundel then Chichester then turn left to Wittering )

We use to go here as a kids...and now I take mine !!!

Has caravanning facility as well as camping...

here's the website

MrsBadger Sun 18-Mar-07 17:19:36

We went to Hollands Wood last year on the recommendation of another MNer and it was fab.

Can't remember if it had swings offhand but it is in the actual forest so no shortage of places to play. Good baby facilities too - big Belfast sinks in the loos for bathing in and draining boards to change on, special low-level loos for kids.

Cadbury Sun 18-Mar-07 17:31:55

Thanks Boobs (love the name btw)and Mrs B. Will have a look at those.

Any other recommendations?

Cadbury Sun 18-Mar-07 17:34:43

Boobs - have you been here at high season? Does it get horribly packed?

Boobsgonesouth Sun 18-Mar-07 17:43:07

I've been when it's really hot...and it's been heaving...not too bad otherwise though we have the luxury of being able to take hols before holidays start in earnest as DC have slightly different holidays..... the beach at West Wittering is lovely....

Themis Sun 18-Mar-07 17:51:42

Nice one here in Dorset , near to Studland Bay , National Trust Beach.

ulwell cravan park .

Lots of families, block facilties godd and laundreete on site.

went there last year and going again this year.

Boobsgonesouth Sun 18-Mar-07 18:00:14

Studland Bay is wonderful...hjavn't camped there though as have relatives in Corfe Castle so stay with them......

Themis Sun 18-Mar-07 18:07:21

Ulwell just down the road from Corfe castle , a quick drive or longer walk to Swangage for supplies but there is a small shop on site.

DimpledThighs Sun 18-Mar-07 18:11:46

oh you have such wonderful recommendatons here - thanks to all - great thread!

Cadbury Sun 18-Mar-07 19:19:10

thanks guys. have emailed your recommendations to my dad for hiis thoughts.

Any other places people have enjoyed?

Cadbury Sun 18-Mar-07 19:36:40


Cadbury Mon 19-Mar-07 09:38:50

Can any happy campers in the morning crowd give me the benefit of their wisdom?

Cadbury Mon 19-Mar-07 14:11:53

or the afternoon lot?

ChippyMinton Mon 19-Mar-07 14:17:44

Would second the ulwell cottage site, as Swanage is a lovely place.
If you want to be right on the beach then normans bay is good, just outside eastbourne. Showers etc are good, small play area, and the beach is across the road.

MegBusset Mon 19-Mar-07 16:06:21

Second to Normans Bay - we have been going here for a few years and hope to take DS on his first ever camping trip this summer! Can't vouch for swing park as we've never gone with kids before. But it's a lovely site, even when packed you never have to wait too long for showers etc. There's a train line that runs just behind the site but you really don't notice it - only small local trains every so often.

also to add there is a nice pub (The Star Inn) a short walk away, does food and has a massive garden with big playground. And nearby Pevensey Castle is worth exploring.

Cadbury Mon 19-Mar-07 16:36:42

thanks for that chippy and meg - it looks lovely.

PeachyClair Mon 19-Mar-07 16:41:54

Hollands Wood again

Other than that I only know west- but owuld say that wood farm in Dorset

Cheddar (excellent park etc- we never left the site in the weekend we were there, although we were local ish so had done the sights anyway}

Or how about the Isle of Wight? Red Funnel have some very cheap deals

PeachyClair Mon 19-Mar-07 16:43:09

Oh and meant to say, join the carvan and camping club and you'll get access to lots of sites that ahve the basics (usually a park and exceptionally clean facillities)

Cadbury Mon 19-Mar-07 17:49:51

thanks peachyclair.
think my dad is a member - or at least he used to be. have come across the website so will look further.

anyone else got any recommendations?

PeachesMcLean Mon 19-Mar-07 17:59:28

Well if Dorset's not too far, I'd recommend East Fleet near Weymouth. Possibly the most unpromising route to a campsite ever but gorgeous once you get there. It had a really relaxing atmosphere and adjacent fields for short walks / space to play. Next to the Chesil bank lagoon and on a working farm. There's even a pub, (don't worry, it's not noisy) and a man comes round once a week with a mobile climbing wall. Be sure to ask for the lower field though - it just seemed the more pleasant of the two.

Cadbury Mon 19-Mar-07 19:58:19

Peaches - I had actually come across this in an AA guide and thought it looked wonderful. I've just looked at the website and I'm even more convinced now - it looks perfect. Now, I need to persuade my dad and mum!


PeachyClair Mon 19-Mar-07 20:18:45

We're taking Mum and Dad to pentewan in Cornwall, bit far for you unfortunately which is a shame as people rave over it. Looking forwards to it though, they're great with a bottle of wine if you're after a giggle

dingdongjustforyoufg Mon 19-Mar-07 20:30:53

cadbury we are booked into east fleet with our 3 yr old twins in August, never been there before though. We have requested the stable field which was the most recommended on uk camping website, so hope it is good!

PeachesMcLean Mon 19-Mar-07 22:43:12

Oh that's interesting - that's the field I wouldn't have suggested. Having said that, I didn't stay in it. Maybe they're both great! I hope you have a good time DD. Cadbury - do you know the UK Camping website? Very useful, if you aren't already very familiar with it.

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