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Camping shows?

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WelshMoth Sat 27-May-17 09:29:03

Do they ever run these? Akin to the home exhibitions you can get in places like Birmingham NEC? DH and I would love to go and dream over all those new gadgets/camping must-haves.

Bet I've left it too late sad

applespearsbears Tue 30-May-17 14:58:52

I've always wanted to go but never see them advertised. Maybe they advertise on proper camping websites and magazines but I still haven't sorted myself out to look. I love camping gadget window shopping!

TiggyMP Wed 31-May-17 09:21:27

There was one in the NEC earlier in the year. Mostly campers and caravans. Biggish display of tents, but only 4 person plus. angry

There are lots of other regional shows about. Not Ideal Home Show big though.

Wolfiefan Wed 31-May-17 09:22:17

Yes. Camping show at NEC but tend to be early in the year before the season starts.

stripeknee Wed 31-May-17 13:25:35

There tends to be a fair few caravan shows at the end of august begining of september when they release all the new models, the shows we have been to tend to have a mixture of gadgets, tents, caravans and statics. they arent as big as nec type show and usually outside.

there is some on here, but i am sure there is more around

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