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Anyone been to a motorhome show?

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redjumper Sat 15-Apr-17 08:47:59

Are they good? We are looking at one of the big shows like Lincoln, thinking of camping for the duration in our campervan. I'm just wondering if they are good. All the entertainment seems to be geared towards the silver generation eg line dancing, 60s tribute bands etc. Will we feel out of place in our 30s with a young family. Any tips?

Milliways Sat 15-Apr-17 22:34:12

We go to the Southern Motorcaravan show in Newbury every May, but just for a day. Entertainment actually appeals to my DH who loves the 60's stuff, so let him listen to a bit with a beer over lunch, but don't think a young family would want to camp for the weekend.
There is a lot to see with all the new and used vans and the accessories, but easily done in a day.

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