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Family size pop up tent

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dadap Sat 01-Apr-17 08:34:39

Can anyone recommended a good value family size pop up tent - that is really simple to put up - but sturdy.
I would love to take kids camping this summer - but would be lone parent taking up to 3 children 8-13.
Also it would be my first time.

JiltedJohnsJulie Sat 01-Apr-17 21:06:39

Don't be afraid of it not being a pop up. Our old one had tonnes of poles and I've never had to put it up alone. Perhaps it's where we camp, but people seem only to happy to come and lend a hens when they realise you're on your own with DC.

If it's your first time, could you borrow a tent or get a cheap one secondhand?

PossumInAPearTree Sat 01-Apr-17 21:11:34

Pop up tents are a pita to put away ime, I have a Quercha one and its small and that's bad enough.

An air tent would be better but not cheap and if it's your first time and you might not like it probably not the best.

If you go for a pole tent then tunnel tents are the easiest to put up. I have a five man Outwell which I can put up on my own. Only four poles to put in. Trick is to put poles in, then pull on the two back guy ropes to get the end to stand up. Peg the two guy ropes, then start walking the rest of the tent out while pegging guy ropes, 20 mins and it's done.

SoulAccount Sun 02-Apr-17 05:47:05

Decathlon seem to have discontinued their family sized pop ups in favour of inflatable.

However; I concur. You do not need pop-up, necessarily. A tunnel tent is a doddle to put up and take down and a 13 year old more than an able assistant.

For simplicity, space and good value, look at the Vango Icarus / Vango Isis.

For 4 of you, go for a 6 person tent.

UsedToBeAPaxmanFan Sun 02-Apr-17 05:53:51

Don't do a pop up tent, they are a pain in the arse. A tunnel tent is quite simple to manage. If you have the space in your garden, you cab practice putting it up before you go camping. As a pp said, go for a 6 person one to get enough space.

I've found that the best thing to do when camping is to try to keep the amount of stuff you take to an absolute minimum, and if possible to use crates rather than bags to keep stuff in (but that depends on whether you've got an estate type car).

Our family used to love camping holidays and our ds still goes camping but with his girlfriend rather than us these days. Hopefully you'll have a great time.

JiltedJohnsJulie Sun 02-Apr-17 07:34:20

Agree about the 13 year old too. Ours could do the tunnel tent on his own so yours should be a good assistant as Soul says smile

Wolfiefan Sun 02-Apr-17 07:37:17

You don't want a family sized pop up tent. You really don't. It'll pop up but taking it down will be a nightmare. I had a 4 berth vis a vis tent I could do on my own. Inflatable would be costly but an option.

MissWimpyDimple Sun 02-Apr-17 23:06:16

I kind of disagree. The pop up family tents do take some getting the hang of, but once you do, it's so quick and easy.

I can put up a tunnel tent on my own and even get it down but it's an effort.

Having said that, 13 yr old more than able to help. Also, pop ups like the Quechua 4.2 seconds are not massive.

If you look on eBay there will be some.

Decathlon now do a good range of inflatable affordable tents. They do a 6 berth (which is really what you need for 4 people) for under £400.

NannyR Sun 02-Apr-17 23:08:17

Bell tents are incredibly easy to pitch singlehandedly but they are not cheap (although I would consider them good value for money in the long run)

DEMum101 Wed 05-Apr-17 14:22:08

We have two family pop ups from Decathlon and they are a doddle to put up and to take down (once you get the hang of the latter - it really didn't take us long though). The worst bit is that you have to do a bit of twisting which your mind tells you is impossible without breaking the poles but it works. Once you get over that, it is easy.

As others have said, sadly Decathlon have now discontinued their Quechua range of family pop ups but there are usually some available on Ebay at this time of year. We have a tunnel tent too and I frankly can't be bothered ever to take it away with us. The pop ups (or our bell tent) are just so much easier.

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