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Camping that fight....

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Meandkids Fri 17-Mar-17 10:45:06

Hi all
We are going camping this summer for the first time, my kids are (girl) 12 and 9 (boy) and argue and fight constantly...which is mentally draining and the thought of being in a confined space (tent) is concerning me greatly!
I need a site with facilities esp a pool (indoor and out, would be a bonus)... obviously it would be awesome to go with another family, but all my friends are flying off to exotic just us..
Freshwater Bay in Dorset has been recommended but happy to hear any others!
Any recommendations?!!!

Thanks guys!

TheSconeOfStone Fri 17-Mar-17 13:30:43

Hendra near Newquay in Cornwall has a brilliant fun pool with big slides (small additional charge), free outdoor pool, skate park and other stuff going on. Short drive to some gorgeous surf beaches.

Wishiwasmoiradingle2017 Fri 17-Mar-17 13:35:58

Make sure you draw up a chores timetable before you go!
They need advance notice of dishes /sweeping the tent etc in advance to avoid meltdown when you arrive!!
(took 3x teen ds and were horrified they had to help out!! - imo the whole point of camping is its a team effort!!)
And let the younger one fall asleep before the other one beds down!!

profpoopsnagle Fri 17-Mar-17 19:46:13

Very often, kids make friends with others all over the site, so you may find that they make their own friends and you get chance to read a book/drink wine all week!

I would recommend River Dart, there's no pool but there is a massive lake to play on plus lots of other activities all on site.

JiltedJohnsJulie Mon 20-Mar-17 17:59:19

Mine are of a similar age and we usually go to really quiet campsites. TBH I barely ever see the younger one. The last time she was disappearing after breakfast and only making the odd trip back to the tent.

Oblomov17 Mon 20-Mar-17 20:10:09

Been caravaning for years. Never see my 2, similar ages to yours. They are off with their mates, riding bikes etc. Dh look at each other and say 'well, this is nice/wierd/quiet'!!

NotMeNoNo Fri 31-Mar-17 15:21:59

We have a very cheap small 2-man tent that our older DS sleeps in - a lot of campsites don't charge extra or only a small amount for a "pup" tent. Gets around the messing about/prodding each other till 1am problem.

cece Sun 23-Apr-17 11:20:26

I do the opposite and go to campsites with no facilities other than toilets/showers. They then make their own friends and just play. I prefer campsites where the tents are around the edge of the field with a space in the middle for playing. I can then sit and watch them/relax.

With regards to jobs my DC now know my expectations of their roles - basically washing up after meals and keeping the tent tidy. I agree you need to prewarn them about this.

SoulAccount Sun 23-Apr-17 13:30:28

Don't spend time confined in the tent!

Unless it is raining we never actually sit inside the tent.

You could go all-singing-dancing pool and facilities, or you could go to a wilder / woodland type site where fires are allowed. Sitting by a campfire in the evening, toasting marshmallows, is calming.

Otherwise River Dart could be a good option.

SoulAccount Sun 23-Apr-17 13:36:57

Or Sandy Balls in the New Forest or Kelling on the North Norfolk coast.

Pool, onsite catering, etc.

Strix Sun 23-Apr-17 13:41:44

I hope your tent has bedrooms! Chore list is a great idea. Bring games / entertainment for tent time. Deck of cards, backgammon, books if they like to read, etc.

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