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Campingaz stoves

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bk1981 Fri 24-Feb-17 07:42:35

Hi. We're looking to replace our single burner stove with a two burner stove with wind protection.

The campingaz stoves seem to have really mixed reviews... does anybody have one? Would you recommend it? Thank you!

Neeko Fri 24-Feb-17 07:46:06

I do. Mine has two rings and a grill. It's fine but you need an adaptor so you can use calor gas with it as the campingaz ones are really expensive and don't last long.

Fourmantent Fri 24-Feb-17 07:48:14

Have you looked at ukcampsites website? They have tons of reviews and a massive forum, just for equipment. I have an old two burner but rarely use it - it's big and clunky but does do toast and I would reconsider using it for a whole week away. I prefer two smaller burners with canisters and I recently bought a Cadac Carri Chef - expensive but great (and we use it in the garden). Have a look at ukcampsite website and you will be overwhelmed with cooking options!

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