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Costa Brava campsites

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ptangyangkipperbanguuh Tue 17-Jan-17 05:53:26

We want to travel to the Costa Brava in August and are looking at a villa combined with 3 nights camping. I have obsessively read reviews and have noticed that Spanish campsites can be a bit rowdy at night compared to the French ones we have stayed at. I am fussy about accommodation and will only stay in the nicer caravans but don't want that to be spoilt by sleepless nights. I know nothing is guaranteed but does anyone have any experience or recommendations of campsites we should either avoid or choose? Also, am not keen on Canvas website as its info on the caravans is poor, with no photos : can anyone tell me what the different van types are really like? I am clearer on this with Eurocamp! For info we are a family of 4 with boys aged 12 and 15. they aren't party animals or into activities : we want a nice location, decent pitches and good pools, preferably heated and maybe on a beach. And sleep. Ta!

mirmc Sat 21-Jan-17 19:18:16

You won't need heated pools in August in the Costa Brava! Even the sea is like a bath there then! Check out the bungalows on El Delfin Verde. It's a fab site on the beach with loads going on, but the silence after 11.30 rule quite strictly enforced, as it is in most campsites I've been to in Spain. Definitely no noisier than French ones. However in August, there's probably a minimum stay of a week in most campsites.

ptangyangkipperbanguuh Sat 21-Jan-17 21:30:59

Thank you! I have booked a site on a beach in Calonge now with a Dutch company but El Delfin Verde came a close second!

thenightsky Sat 21-Jan-17 21:38:17

Cypsella! Been there about 6 times with the DC who have fond memories. Its family run, no big groups allowed and quiet at night. Very, very clean too.

mirmc Sat 21-Jan-17 22:03:53

Did you book Cala Gogo ptangyangkipperbanguuh?

ptangyangkipperbanguuh Sun 22-Jan-17 06:50:09

No , neither of those ,; I booked a campsite called Playa Brava. Looked at Cypsela and it looks lovely but booked Playa Brava as it is right on the beach. I also looked at Cala Gogo but I did hear that one is quite noisy.

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