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Camping in the Netherlands?

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museumum Sat 14-Jan-17 20:32:09

Has anyone had a camping holiday in the Netherlands with young children? I'm struggling to find info - France has the Michelin camping guide but how can we find nice sites in the netherlands or northern Belgium?

We're too far north to get a ferry to France or Spain so would be travelling to Amsterdam to start the holiday.

profpoopsnagle Sat 14-Jan-17 20:53:09

I have been! Had three weeks which we thoroughly enjoyed and keep meaning to go back. Are you travelling from Harwich or Hull?

I found it more of a struggle to find campsites- many are quite big which wasn't what we were looking for at the time.

We ended up using nature campsites for 2 of them- we didn't have to join.
Also try alan rogers

Lots of people recommend Duinrell and Efteling, haven't been myself but they do have a lot going on.

What sort of thing are you looking for on sites?

museumum Sat 14-Jan-17 21:03:39

Thank you. Very useful links. I wonder why the lastest available Alan Rodgers book is 2015? It looks ideal if it were up to date.

DopeyDazy Sun 15-Jan-17 09:40:31

We go to Delftse Hout in Delft probably 30 miles from Amsterdam .We go to the Hook of Holland on ferry . It is a nice site with a pool from May onwards and there is a small park with animals just down the road. Might be worth looking at they take camping cheques and ACSI outside the peak periods

museumum Sun 15-Jan-17 12:04:52

Thank you! I'll take a look.
I'm afraid I don't know what camping cheques or acsi are - I'll get googling!

GlitterGlue Sun 15-Jan-17 12:11:53 is worth a look.

Duinrell mentioned upthread is very good, but it is quite busy - in case you were looking for something quieter.

DMnamechanger Sun 15-Jan-17 12:14:58 for small campsites on farms. In Dutch but I'm sure Google Translate will get you a long way. Booking/questions shouldn't pose a problem as most people in NL speak rudimentary English at the very least!

museumum Sun 15-Jan-17 12:21:08

Acsi looks good!
What's the advantage of acsi membership over just the camping card?

HesterGreysGarden Sun 15-Jan-17 12:23:50

Brilliant thread! We're thinking of the same. And - guess what profpoopsnaggle? - we'll be sailing from even further north than Hull.

Been on a similar trip pre-kids and stayed on a great, friendly site really near Bruges. This time we'll be looking for sites with onsite activities for toddlers - e.g. playpark, farm, etc. So I'm following with interest

user1471521456 Sun 15-Jan-17 12:26:40

ukcampsite has a section on Netherlands

TheSconeOfStone Sun 15-Jan-17 12:59:28

We're going to Duinrell this year to keep the 9 and 6 year olds entertained. It's bigger then DH and I would ideally like.

A couple of years ago we went to De Lisle Bergen just over the border in Belgium. It was fantastic value for the money and the kids loved it. Massive play area near a man made lake and beach. We went to Brussels and Antwerp on the train from a station with a free car park nearby. There is a theme park called Bobbejaanland which we didn't go to (we went to DLP on the same holiday) but some other British families on the site said it was good fun.

The only down sides were the road noise on an otherwise very quiet site, and my DCs would have liked to have bumped into some Brits to play with.

DopeyDazy Sun 15-Jan-17 13:05:20

ACSI you just buy the card 18 € last year iirc and the pay at site.Campsite owners like this as they get paid straightaway. Camping Cheques are paid for before you go and are handed in/taken off card as you book in. Not all sites take both and cheeques are paid in bulk at end of season I was told by campsite owner which gives cashflow probs.We go with ACSI personally

Howmanysleepstilchristmas Mon 16-Jan-17 07:27:10

Twee Bruggen is amazing

badger21 Tue 17-Jan-17 22:13:38

I think I've added a post on the Netherlands before - might be worth a search here - we stayed for 3 weeks a couple of years ago. We liked the nature campsites too. Look on - that's where all the Dutch review campsites - and they like to camp - a LOT.

In summary, we stayed at:
Amstelkade - just south of Amsterdam. Cool children's farm. Fire pits for hire. River swimming. Nice cafe. No cars on site and trucks/play area for kids.

Padang on Texel Island. Small. No kids facilities specifically, but plenty of space for bikes etc. Great place for watching people parachuting immediately overhead. Fabulous white beaches if you get the weather.

Camping de Roos - near Ommen. Large, with entertainment, but somehow really friendly and chilled out. Plenty of space. Lovely river swimming and canoeing from Ommen.

Let me know if you want to know anything else specific!

HesterGreysGarden Tue 17-Jan-17 22:58:42

We went to Texel pre-DC and loved the island. Think it would probably be great for kids. Those sites all sound amazing, off to look them up - thanks!

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