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West Cornwall campsites - help me decide!

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MaybeImJustTooDemanding Wed 11-Jan-17 19:42:40

Going camping in August with DH and 3 DC (ages 13, 11, and 5). Staying in the Polperro/Looe area for the first week, where we go most years, and looking for somewhere a bit different for week two. I like the idea of heading further down into West Cornwall and so we're looking for a nice campsite down towards Land's End. It's a new area for us so if anyone can give us any feedback that would be great smile

Our not-so-shortlist is:

Lower Treave
Tower Park
Trevedra Farm
Sennen Cove C&CC site

in terms of what we're looking for, we don't need or really want a fancy holiday park although a handy shop would be nice. Small play area for DC3 a plus but not essential if there's plenty of space to play. Would be nice (although again not essential) to have a local bar/pub to seek refuge in if the evening weather gets too bad. DH wants to be nearish to a surfing beach. We will have a car but don't want to have to drive everywhere, need to be close-ish to coast path for cliff walks. Also, we have a rather large tent so would appreciate decent-sized pitches (don't mind paying extra for large pitch!). Don't think I could manage without an electric hook up grin

Would love to hear feedback from anyone who's been to the area before, especially to the campsites above or with any suggestions we've missed smile

Newquay Fri 10-Feb-17 15:43:39

What about Gwithian? Basic campsite set walking distance to a surfing beach. Not been there in years but went with a baby and prekids. There's a small village with pub for food. One of the nicest beaches.

thewalrus Sun 12-Feb-17 19:42:19

Trevedra looks gorgeous, but is super-exposed. You are gambling massively with the weather - if you're lucky it'll be amazing. It gets booked up quickly. Walking distance to some lovely beaches.

We've stayed at Tower Park - ticks a lot of your boxes, play area, shop, loads of space, walking distance to pub/village. Short drive to some lovely beaches. Nice non-coastal walks from the site. Its big drawback is that it is a (short) drive to the coast.

We've also stayed at Treverven and Kelynack in that area. Kelynack is near St Just, which is a nice village with some good amenities. It's a 20 minute walk to Porth Nanven, which is possibly the best place to watch the sunset in the country. It's a lovely, sheltered friendly site, nice play area, donkeys, lovely owners. The open top bus stops just outside which is useful for getting to Sennen if you don't want to drive.

Treverven has gorgeous sea views, coast-path walks, nice open space where kids play in the middle of the field and some play equipment. Basic shop. Some of the pitches are on the small side, though we don't have hook up.

Hope that helps. West Cornwall is a very special place and well worth the extra travel in my view!

Milliways Mon 13-Feb-17 20:38:37

We loved Trevedra, and being able to walk from there to Lands End, but it is a scramble down to the (beautiful) cove, and agree that it is exposed up there.
Gwithian is an easier walk to a huge beach. Pitches are tighter but the site is immaculate
We did a 4 site trip over 2 weeks: Pentewan Sands, Trevedra Farm, Gwithian Farm and Mother Iveys Bay and would happily go back to all of them smile

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