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Buying & Selling a Campervan

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Katymac Wed 11-Jan-17 10:11:38

I have been making assumptions & I'd like to know how (un)realistic they are

I presumed buying an older Camper van & selling it 6 months later the price would be pretty similar/I wouldn't loose to much on the transaction

So am I right?

& what other advise can you give me? I know nothing about campervans

PossumInAPearTree Wed 11-Jan-17 13:34:00

Have seen your other thread Katy. I used to have a vw t25 but know that you need something bigger. Mine kept its value over the four years I had it but VWs do tend to appreciate. Buy second hand though and you shouldn't lose too much.

Get one with a heater, fridge, loo and some sort of cooking facility. Get a carbon monoxide alarm.

Join either the caravan club or caravan and camping club (probably the latter) as they have lots of 5 pitch sites so lots of choice and normally good price.

Katymac Wed 11-Jan-17 20:29:55

Thanks - I have so much to learn!!

Katymac Wed 11-Jan-17 21:44:12

Tickets bookd for the show, & a hotel & our train tickets!!

DH is quite excited!

Katymac Thu 12-Jan-17 20:18:45

Anyone got any more advise?

Chipsandonionrings Fri 13-Jan-17 20:26:19

We bought ours last year from someone that did just that. They spent a few quid on it and got back what they paid. We were really happy as we got a ready to go van with awning etc in the layout we wanted for a price we were happy with. We bought a mazda bongo and love it.

Katymac Fri 13-Jan-17 20:46:59

how exciting

I think we might need something a bit bigger though

traviata Fri 13-Jan-17 20:51:42

There are lots of owners' forums around, which are generally pretty helpful. We found our van on the VW california forum.

Katymac Fri 13-Jan-17 20:56:10

Am I using the wrong words do I want a motor home or are the words interchangeable

ivykaty44 Fri 13-Jan-17 20:58:36

Hire a camper van before you buy one. That way you try it out and see how it is, if the configuration is suitable or not. Also if you like camper and. A weekend would be ideal

ivykaty44 Fri 13-Jan-17 21:01:12

If you buy a camper van motorhome second hand see what extras are on offer, bike rack etc

traviata Fri 13-Jan-17 21:09:20

i am not an expert but my understanding is that a campervan is basically built on a van base - the chassis and the outside are the same but the inside is equipped differently - whereas a motorhome is built to be a motorhome from the start and can be a huge behemoth as big as a portacabin if that is what you want.

I love campervans because you can park them anywhere, they are a dream to drive, and they are not caravans smile.

we have been on loads of campsites where they don't allow motorhomes but will let campervans on site.

Katymac Fri 13-Jan-17 22:11:44

Thanks guys I'm learning loads

I think I need a large camper van or small motorhome - poor DH is six foot two

Artura Fri 13-Jan-17 22:19:39

We bought a motorhome (low profile) a couple of years ago. It was only a year old when we got it. Not expecting to make any money on it long term but decided we'd have a lot on fun, and it's been great so far. How many in your family? Some great van conversions around (Wildax do some great ones). Have you thought of buying a decent 2nd hand work van and getting it converted or converting it yourselves? Mercedes sprinter/fiat ducato something like that? Would def recommend hiring a couple to find your perfect layout.

Katymac Fri 13-Jan-17 22:25:10

It's just DH and i, D d is 19 and has left home

But we are taking the cat

This is a retirement trip I guess ( despite being only 48) and we are so not capable of doing it ourselves we are DIY disasters!!!

Artura Fri 13-Jan-17 22:37:45

You'll have much more choice of vans for 2 of you. After hiring a couple we decided we preferred a fixed bed in the back so there was much less faff at bedtime. Ours is an Adria.

Katymac Fri 13-Jan-17 23:03:46

The biggest problem appears to be finding an automatic and a right-hand drive

I'd like 3 or 4berth so DD can come to stay & I'd want her to have a seatbelt - I can't believe how many are 4 berth with 2 seatbelts!!

Petrol would be nice but I think unlikely

I am learning - I think we'd like a fixed bed for us (DD can sleep anywhere) but we do need space for a dog rate for the cat

Saw somethiNg almost perfectn in my price range but it was manual sad

traviata Fri 13-Jan-17 23:11:04

my DH is 6'2" and we adore our VW Beach (didn't want a kitchen and cupboards)..
it has all these fab features - a table that slots into the sliding side door! chairs that slot into the tailgate door! front seats that swivel round! arm rests on the front seats! a canvas pop-top!

You don't really stand up in it so the head height isn't an issue the way that a tent would be. Once you are in you tend to do everything from a sitting position. There is ample head space for a tall driver.

the only thing is that to make the double bed down below, you would have to minimise the boot storage. So for 4 of us, we have 2 sleeping in the roof, and 2 in a pop-up tent next to the van ( and doggie on the van seats). That way we don't have to move any of our luggage bags and boxes.

Katymac Fri 13-Jan-17 23:14:53

I don't think we could manage like that for four months

I really feel we need a bit more room

Katymac Sat 14-Jan-17 08:55:44

& I really enjoy cooking so will need a nice kitchen too smile

Bt worried about DH & bed!! But I'm sure we will manage

Artura Sat 14-Jan-17 22:25:26

If you enjoy cooking, the things we've found great are a small portable induction hob (if you're camping somewhere with electric hook up) and our cadac BBQ for outdoors (runs on gas - we have a BBQ socket on the side of the van). Have you done any browsing of used vans at dealers? Good time to buy now while the weather is rubbish!

Katymac Sat 14-Jan-17 22:33:49

I quite like this layout

I have to sleep on my right side & I can't climb out over DH so the bed in this would be good, but we may need something a little bigger

PossumInAPearTree Sat 14-Jan-17 22:35:46

Any van which I was spending a length of time in I would not have a fixed bed. It takes up so much space which could be. Better utilised in the day and evening.

Artura Sat 14-Jan-17 22:41:43

That's really similar to ours (only our bed is on the other side). It works really well - decent sized "garage", comfy bed and sitting area with those swivel round front seats. One of the things we've loved is meeting up with friends and having enough seats for lunch. Then you can make up a bed from the dining area if your DD joins you. Go for it!

Katymac Sat 14-Jan-17 22:43:47

I can understand that Possum, & if we were taking DD I'd agree with you

But for just DH & I, I do think it will work - We play cards, in bed, watch TV, Read & nap - both of us have quite poor health, we will see.

I guess visiting some will be good & there is the exhibition as well

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