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Newbie festival camping

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taytopotato Fri 06-Jan-17 09:09:05

We have never done camping but would like to attend either Curious Arts Festival or Beautiful days. We were thinking of glamping (as we are newbies) but the cost is almost the same as getting a brand new tent!

Should we get a 5 m bell tent (as it is easy to set up) is that tent allowed in camping festivals? We are a family of 2 adults and 2 kids (5 and 1). Hubby is dyspraxic so I will have to set it up.
Get SIM and 3 season sleeping bags with plenty of fleeces
How about electric hookups?
Disposable BBQ
One small table.
Toilets at night?

Many thanks

DEMum101 Tue 24-Jan-17 15:03:20

This is probably out of date now as I see you write this a couple of weeks ago. But in case not, then I would say definitely get a 5m bell tent rather than waste money hiring one as you say. They are allowed in any festival I have been to, although I wouldn't take one to a really big commercial festival like V or Reading say, just because of the risk of damage there (and the possibility of no space to pitch it).

Your sleeping arrangements sound fine but you won't get an electric hook up at a festival (if that is what you meant). Otherwise, you can definitely use one in a bell tent - we have often when at a campsite where they have EHU.

If you cook on a disposable BBQ, make sure you only do it outside the tent to avoid the danger of carbon monoxide poisoning. Also, consider getting a little gas cooker as some festivals and campsites won't let you use BBQs because of the risk of fire.

A table is a good idea but consider getting something to sit on too - a picnic rug may be fine for a festival but you will probably want proper camping chairs for anywhere else. As DH doesn't find sitting on the ground very easy we got chairs like these for sitting at festivals:

For a toilet at night, consider a bucket lined with a bin liner and filled either with poo powder ( - expensive but lasts ages) or cat litter to solidify the wee. Some people use disposable nappies as an absorbent alternative.

Don't forget torches and lanterns for the night time. We all take head torches as your hands are then free for doing or carrying other things.

DEMum101 Tue 24-Jan-17 15:03:50

Have you thought about one of the new inflatable tents? Bell tents are heavy to lug around and festivals are generally not park at the pitch. I have a friend who festivals every year and is actually thinking of getting rid of her bell tent for this reason.

Buy a little 1 ring cooker as well as disposable BBQ, just means you can make a cuppa in the morning or cook a meal (or a pot noodle at the very least!) rather than have to rely on the food stalls (which tend to be amazing but pricey).

We take sleeping bags for the kids but I insist on sheets, pillows and a duvet for us!

However what I would say is BORROW whatever you can for your first festival and your first camping trip just in case you hate it. If you love it then start to think about spending some money.

We went to Curious last year (and going again this year) but haven't tried Beautiful Days.

Mouikey Thu 09-Mar-17 22:08:24

We are seasoned festival goers and are contemplating Glasto with an 11 month old this year (haha!). Our tent is on the way out and we have been recommended to get a Bell Tent (full canvas not polycotton), for the 3 of us we are considering a 5m, but it will take up a lot of space and we would need to set up reasonably early. A 4 m sounds good, but not a spacious. I've been told a zip in groundsheet is a must for weather protection and avoid peg in groundsheets! I've also been told they are super heavy so you may need a trundle truck or garden trolley to get to the campsite.

We don't scrimp on beds and have very good inflatables, sheets, duvets, sleeping bags and blankets as well as pillows (it gets cold!). We also take earplugs and eyemasks to help sleep in in the morning and block out noise at night!

Beautiful Days is meant to be amazing many of my festie friends go and rave about it!

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