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Best fully serviced caravan pitch near padstow

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actiongirl1978 Tue 03-Jan-17 19:15:52

Mother Ivey's or Trewithen?

I hate large sites, but we need fully serviced with ideally hardstanding which mother ivey's offers. But there doesn't seem to be a pub in walking distance and it has 500 pitches, not sure I feel comfortable about the children going to the park on their own.

But Trewithen we might get awful rain and sink into the field, although we can walk to Rick Stein's pub.

Wish that Padstow Touring park had fully serviced pitches, we did ask last year if they were putting any in, but the answer was no.

Any tips would be welcome!

christmasmum Thu 05-Jan-17 22:59:22

We stayed at Padstow Touring Park last year and although it's not classed as fully serviced the points on some of the pitches are so close that we used it as one - had a long pipe into the drain for waste, water pipe reached etc. Fantastic site with visiting street food vans almost every night - well worth considering.

actiongirl1978 Wed 18-Jan-17 13:02:02

Christmasmum thanks for your reply. We stayed there last year too and adored it but we want to be able to attach our water hose and leave it attached - and all the water is shared there.

We have now booked a lovely looking field about 1/4 mile from the cornish arms which has fully serviced. Can't walk to Padstow unfortunately, but taxiable so we will be able to go out for the odd boozy lunch!

christmasmum Thu 19-Jan-17 21:03:55

That sounds good - which site is it you booked? Trying to build a list of places I want to go to!

actiongirl1978 Sun 22-Jan-17 11:03:38

Trewithen. Looks tiny but they have promised me in writing that they have fully serviced. It's on a field too so hoping for hood weather! If the pitch works, it will be our dream site. We only started caravaning last year and quickly realised we hated all those caravan club sites where everyone sits in a line with their chairs looking at everyone else. So the challenge is now to find fully serviced pitches in non caravan club style sites!

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