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Dordogne camping - Les Valades or Soleil Plage?

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TheLesserWeevil Wed 28-Dec-16 17:24:54

We're planning on spending a week in the Dordogne next summer, during the school holidays, with children aged 3 and 6. Can't decide between Valades and Soleil Plage... eldest son would love the pool complex at SP but I'm worried it might be a bit noisy/full of teenagers? Would kids that age be better off at Valades? We'll be flying and hiring a cabin thingy, if that makes any difference.

profpoopsnagle Fri 30-Dec-16 13:06:57

I don't know about soleil- maybe someone else can hep with that (and try UK campsite too).

Thinking about the ages of your children with Valades:

There is a little club for 2 hours most mornings- very low key- craft with some games/songs. The person who runs it is usually a Dutch student but will speak enough French and English, and the children who go are predominately Dutch and English. There's also some evening activities- a small disco, a walk with lanterns etc.

The toddler pool is quite shallow- much more of a splash pool but big and usually quite empty. From memory, the main pool doesn't have a large area where your children could touch the bottom and is usually quite busy, however, there is now another pool so I don't know if that has eased things, or how deep that is.

There is a large part of the lake where your children could stand and play/swim and the beach area. To get to the inflatables you need to swim, or canoe/boat out. There is a trampoline one which my younger children loved bouncing on (and you can get on/off without having to swim) but the other one is really for older/more confident swimmers as you can get 'jumped' off.

There's no buoyancy aids available, so if you want to use you will need to take with you.

It is fairly easy to keep an eye on children here- it's all within a small area.

Lots of playground areas, which are spread throughout the site. The site is expansive, and the accommodation is located nearer the pool/lake than reception. You could take scooters BUT it is also hilly, so really only good for 1 way! (And I'm aware you're flying).


TheLesserWeevil Fri 30-Dec-16 14:22:24

Very useful info, thank you, especially re depth of pools... 6 year old isn't a confident swimmer yet, we should probably get that nailed before the summer!

teapot2015 Fri 30-Dec-16 16:34:39

Les Valades didn't work for us: the site is vast and my only-just 5 year old kept wandering off and even managed to get past the gate to the swimming pool! The lake is also not fenced off, which made me a bit paranoid.
Also, if you have children who like to socialise, it might be a bit dull for them, as the site is full of Dutch families, the parents speak English, but the children don't.
Other than that, it's a lovely site.

TheLesserWeevil Fri 30-Dec-16 22:43:00

Oohh, hadn't thought about wandering off issues. The 3 year old moves at the speed of light as soon as you take your eyes off him. Maybe I could get one of those retractable dog leads and wrap it round his ankle...

Suttonmum1 Fri 30-Dec-16 22:47:14

Went to Soleil plage some years ago. We were in a tent right next to the river. It was very peaceful in that area. Lovely place. Can't say I noticed any teenage noise at all.

FunnysInLaJardin Fri 30-Dec-16 22:50:15

we are going again to Le Paradis. Tis fab and our 4th year! Lovely site, river, pool and pitches. First year we did Eurocamp mobile home and from then on our own tent. We love it grin

Unicornsarelovely Fri 30-Dec-16 22:58:28

We went to soleil plage last year and the year before with children aged 5 & 7 first time.

There is a slide pool which is a bit teeny, but the rest of the pool complex is fine and very toddler friendly. It's also very secure - 7 yo couldn't get in without an adult.

The beach is amazing - really beautiful. It's great - very quiet and peaceful.

TheLesserWeevil Fri 30-Dec-16 23:15:08

Good to hear that Soleil Plage doesn't seem to get too raucous! Last time I stayed on a big French campsite (pre-kids) we left early as there were loads of random people staggering around and making a racket into the early hours. Not much fun at all.

Le Paradis looks lovely - gorgeous gardens. And pedal go karts, for go kart obsessed son. This isn't making my decision any easier...

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