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Camping Holiday in France

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user1481231763 Thu 08-Dec-16 21:22:18

Hi there,

I am interested in a eurocamp style holiday in France next June time with my baby and toddler.

Can anyone recommend any sites with lots to do in and around the site and not to far from an airport please as I don't think we would survive the drive over from UK with the two kids!

engineersthumb Thu 08-Dec-16 22:00:19

The best campsite for kids we ever found was la plague goulien Corazon. It's a well found campsite sheltered in the trees but right on the beach. The beach is a long bay which is great for swimming paddling and other water sports if you are inclined.
It's quite a way round the coast but I recommend stopping near San Malo on the way/way back.
I wouldn't recommend flying and camping, camping with minimal kit is just no fun!

Sittingunderafrostysky Thu 08-Dec-16 22:03:19

Hmm, we always drive because it is much easier than flying, even with babies. If you're doing a eurocamp it is good to have a car too.

Grand Metarie in Brittany is our favourite by far.

user1481231763 Thu 08-Dec-16 22:05:06

Thank you.

We are looking to stay in a mobile home rather than tent so wouldn't need so much! Baby will be 9 months. We live in Suffolk and I just think the drive would be too far!

IAmAPaleontologist Thu 08-Dec-16 22:20:24

Indigo have sites around France and are very good. They have a range of mobile homes and static tents and things. We had a static tent at carcan last summer, was fab with our own loo and shower in the tent, all the beds, electric hook up and lights, spare plugs, fridge, gas hob and bbq. Brilliant. I know the location of that site from my childhood so I do have a fondness for it but it is great as it is on the lake which has lots of shade from the pine forest so it is really good with little children as well as not far from the ocean for proper waves. The site has a pool, playground, kids clubs and whatnot too.

engineersthumb Fri 09-Dec-16 03:21:27

If it's any help we've just done 1000km with a 12wo and a 3yo. We used a lay down car cot for the youngest. He snoozed accross. Definitely the way to go for long baby travel! I had the 3yo up front with me (airbag off! ) and he slept most of the way.
I'd never heard of lay down car cots and was dubious but I have to say it is very secure.

minxthemanx Fri 06-Jan-17 18:52:43

Fly Stansted to perpignan. Good campsites all round that part of France. Le bois de valmarie particularly good.

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