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Thinking of getting a camper van.........

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SweetieTime Sun 20-Nov-16 19:31:43

So we are thinking of getting a VW camper van conversion. DH has been looking into them for months and has his heart set on getting one. Eventually he has seen one which fits the bill and in our price range.
I am quite open to this although not camped since childhood. We have DTs who are nearly 3 so think they would love it.

Please let me know your top tips and must haves for camping especially with young children. Also any things to avoid too.

hz Mon 21-Nov-16 20:20:07

Do it! We got one when youngest was 3 (now 9) and we have had so many fabulous trips long and short. In a camper van its really useful to have a small pop up tent to chuck car seats etc in when you pitch up. Get your van set up with everything you need for camping apart from clothes and food and you can be off quickly. Include a full wash kit, saucepans, plates, cups, cutlery etc. Also first aid kit, torches, kitchen towel, loo roll, tea towels. Basic food supplies such as salt, pepper, oil, tea bags, coffee, tins of a few things for emergencies. BBQ (or fire grill if you fancy cooking over a fire - recommend!!), sleeping bags, pillows (we have some we made for the van and leave in there so they can be used as daytime cushions too). Extra blankets. Also some toys like balls, frisby, buckets - whatever lights your kids fire!
You will need to consider if you want a tent or awning to go with your van. We decided on a separate large Quechua pop up living space tent (keeping set up time to a minimum) which was useful extra space to get changed, kids to play in when it rained etc, etc. Driveway awnings are a pain because you have to connect disconnect everytime you leave/return to site. Just my opinion!
Quite jealous you are just about to start your campervan journey! I blog about our camper van adventures at you might find it useful! Good luck! Feel free to post questions on the blog if there's anything you want particular advice on.

BobGoblin23 Mon 21-Nov-16 20:25:55

We just hired one for a week in half term. I'm not really a camper, I would recommend hiring one first as a trial.

I enjoyed the freedom of it, but didn't like having to take it with us on day trips. The bed in the roof was freezing and not suitable for very young children due to this. It was also a pain in the arse taking the awning off every time we wanted to drive somewhere.

We did really enjoy it though!!

SweetieTime Wed 23-Nov-16 14:12:00

Thanks for both these replies. I will check out the blog and share it with DH. If we have any more questions I will post them on there. I am nervous and excited in equal measure. I will take on board what you both say and suggest.

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