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Tent addicts: please help me find this tent!

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ShowMeTheElf Tue 01-Nov-16 13:17:36

I love a good tent google, but need recommendations/ideas please.

I'm looking for a tent to use as a tunnel for Halloween:
1) needs to be 2m tall along the length, with a door at one end (I'll cut a door at the other).
2) No sewn in groundsheet (we'll need to dry the flysheet indoors as it's always too wet outside at this time of year).
3) As dark as possible for spooky effect
4) as cheap as possible (given that it will be cut /customised and used for one night a year).
5) about 6m length, give or take.
6) not too wide, though this may be inevitable given the required head height
7) as lightweight as possible.
8)really doesn't need to be completely waterproof in a flood, it's just for one night a year and will never be slept in.

I've seen this one, but they are all really pale tent

Thanks in advance. grin

Blu Wed 02-Nov-16 21:28:01

I wonder how easy these are to put together, and if they can be sprayed black?

ShowMeTheElf Thu 03-Nov-16 11:27:51

Two end to end would be ideal as far as dimensions go Blu, but I suspect that the plastic wouldn't hold a paint for long: bits all over the shed and having to repaint every year might not actually simplify the current process (which involved rose arches and tarpaulin and is a PITA!).
Thanks for looking though.
I've seen this on ebay which looks darkish, has no sewn on groundsheet.
Does anyone have one fo these and can comment on it's suitability?

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