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Anyone camping this half term?

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Blu Sun 23-Oct-16 11:46:29

I have chickened out of camping her in the UK. I had wondered about driving down through France Thu - Sun, but think I would have to go miles for warmer weather. Maybe I should brave the second half of the week here?

hillbilly Sun 23-Oct-16 23:58:53

I'm in Sussex camping at the moment although strictly speaking we are glamoung this time. However as I sit outside by the fire I realise I would happily have brought my tent :-)

hillbilly Sun 23-Oct-16 23:59:48

Glamping obv. Although I hate that word!

Blu Mon 24-Oct-16 14:24:17

Have fun, hillbilly!

Dampness was a concern of mine - I wanted to camp because I have succumbed to a new canvas tent, but the idea of the air being too damp to thoroughly dry it before I packed it up was weighing heavily on the dithering-scale.

FormerlyCatherineDeB Mon 24-Oct-16 21:43:01

We are, Thursday to Saturday .... haven't booked anywhere yet though! We will be in our tent with the fire.

AnnPerkins Mon 24-Oct-16 21:53:19

We're going to the Suffolk coast from Thursday to Sunday. We have a campervan with a lovely heater so not worried about the weather, although I obviously want it to be nice enough to get out and about.

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