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Help advice needed (please)

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marymoocow Mon 05-Feb-07 11:00:22

Thought we had decided on our first tent (Khyam colorado this )and were just about to order it when we found some awful reviews, and a shop advising us that they no longer stock it due to being "less stable than they would like it to be"
So here we go again. Has anybody got or know about this the outwell indiana 8.
We have 3 dc and us. Would like to sleep the children altogether for at least this year. Would i be able to fit them all in one compartment iyswim. This was one of the reasons why we chose the Khyam because of the three bedrooms.
We do want a tunnel tent, but if anyone has any other alternatives that are tried and tested, we would be grateful for any help.
Thanks, sorry for long post.

Kbear Mon 05-Feb-07 11:06:30

I have a Nevada 5 (from Argos). We've been camping about 5 times with it. It's withstood two massive thunderstorms without any leaks. Unless you are camping somewhere like the wilds of scotland (ie windswept areas) stability shouldn't be a problem with these type of tents.

You can get a Nevada 8 I think.

marymoocow Mon 05-Feb-07 11:10:54

thanks for your quick response, will have a look at that.
We're already booked to go to cornwall, so we need to really get this one sorted.
Or we could all just lie under the stars

Lucycat Mon 05-Feb-07 12:40:46

Outwell are a reputable firm and the Indiana has had nothing but good press - I have it's predecessor the Colorado 8 and it's fab, really easy to put up, stable even in a windy location - we were on the Dorset coast last year, and the main bedroom is big enough to fit your dc's in.

There is also the Outwell Nevada XL (£299) or the Sun Valley (£389) to look at or the Vango Vail 700 (£400)

or if you wanted a yurt like tent then there is the Vango Aspen 700!

Try Outdoor Megastore for ideas!

btw where are you going in Cornwall?

marymoocow Mon 05-Feb-07 12:59:01

thanks for that. Think i am finally settled with the outwell, but will show dh these suggestions tonight. I just want a tent NOW.
Heaven help me if we ever decided to move house, we can't even choose a tent. We've been looking for over 6 months!
We're going to somewhere near Bude.Here Chosen after some good comments on MN

marymoocow Mon 05-Feb-07 12:59:54

Did think of going to the camping exhibiton at the NEC in a couple of weeks time. Anybody been? Is it worth it?

Lucycat Mon 05-Feb-07 14:17:20

That looks a lovely site - we're further south near Newquay.

I did go to the <<<<mutters indistinctly>>>> the caravan show at GMEX a few weeks ago and it's worth a mooch round - you may even get discounts there

and probably see lots of things you didn't even know you wanted but must have!

marymoocow Mon 05-Feb-07 19:08:53

just in case anyone has any thoughts this evening

mamama Mon 05-Feb-07 19:23:20

Outwell have really good reviews. I would love one. They look really posh! Stability is important if you end up somewhere windy or on rocky ground.

We have an old, small Khyam dome tent - the great thing about Khyams is that you erect the flysheet first and then fit the inner which makes setting them up in the rain much easier - everything stays dry. Does anyone know any other tents that are assembled up that way?

marymoocow Mon 05-Feb-07 19:51:41

the outwell that we are looking at is erected flysheet first, and you can keep the inner tent connected when you take it down. Apparantly (sp?)

Lucycat Mon 05-Feb-07 20:14:08

Yep, just like ours, we actually leave one of our extra bedroms out and use the space as a storage area.

people are usually amazed by how quickly we can pitch it.

this is our tent last summer. We also have the side canopy, great for cooking under and eating too as you can see.

marymoocow Mon 05-Feb-07 20:45:40

looks very similar. thanks for the pictures lucycat. Looks lovely where you went.
Think we are almost decided

strangefruit Mon 05-Feb-07 20:49:49

our coleman is like that mamama, same as lucycat you can leave the spare room out

if money was no object I would like one of the outwells I have seen through links on here

marymoocow Fri 23-Feb-07 22:26:56

just thought i'd let anyone who was wondering that we have finally made the plunge for the outwell indiana 8.
Now all we have to do is buy everything else , which no doubt i will be asking for your advice for in the weeks to come.

Lucycat Sat 24-Feb-07 10:23:43

ooh many congrats on your new arrival marymoocow

all we need now is some warm weather!!

FeelingOld Sat 24-Feb-07 17:26:10

Marymoocow - we have the indiana 8 and its fab . There are 5 of us and it has plenty of room. Also dh is nearly 6ft tall and he finds it really easy to stand up everywhere inside the tent. Dh and I have no trouble putting it up while our kids (age 12, 11 and 6) unpack some of the car. We only started camping last year so we are newbies but we managed it ok.

We also leave out one of the bedrooms to give more space in the living area, all 3 kids sleep in one room together, they love it.

marymoocow Sun 25-Feb-07 21:15:16

Thanks for the replies. One question Feelingold, what do you sleep the dc on? Mine are/ will be 9,7 and 4. Thought about airbeds, do you put a double and single in the one room for the dc, or 3 singles? Hope that makes sense.
Getting excited now, just waiting for it to arrive

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