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camping near disneyland?

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kate7590 Wed 07-Sep-16 21:23:52

Id love to take my kids to disneyland!!
Any advice on campsites nearby?
We'd likely drive and get the ferry to Calais, but we've never camped abroad before so total novice at this!

If not camping, are there any nice (but reasonably priced) hotels nearby?

Any advice greatly appreciated.

roseteapot101 Wed 07-Sep-16 21:42:47

try a group called under canvas on facebook theres a lot of seasoned campers on there someones bond to know something.I have always been unsure about camping in france seems like a good idea to camp

Milliways Wed 07-Sep-16 23:18:42

The Davy Crockett ranch is a good compromise, still a Disney resort but self catering and a very easy drive to the Park whee you get free parking. The cabins are 'log' clad mobile homes.

here are some reviews of a campsite that sells Disney tickets and runs a shuttle bus. There are other threads in UKcampsite with campers discussing camping near Disney so worth a look there too.

profpoopsnagle Thu 08-Sep-16 12:57:50

We camped here when we went to disney. Very helpful site and I can't remember how close it is to Disney, but it was an easy drive. They also have little chalets.

TheSconeOfStone Fri 09-Sep-16 16:22:04

We stayed at Les Etangs Fleuris in a mobile through Canvas last year. it was about £200 for 4 nights at the end of August. It had pitches as well. We did it this way as we got a really cheap price for the ferry through Canvas. Campsite was fine. Outdoor pool with slide which was great as it was very hot and the kids enjoyed cooling down after Disneyland. It was about 25 minutes away from Disney. You can park for free at the big shopping centre (handy for self catering) and one stop on the RER to Disney, or pay to park at Disney.

As we bought annual passes we returned in Summer half term. We stayed at Adagio one bed apartment which was about £300 for 4 nights. Was a bit basic but there was a pool. Free bus to Disneyland and short walk to shops and RER if you fancy a day in Paris.

We appreciated being closer by for the second visit. Disneyland is tiring and we didn't enjoy the journey back to the campsite in a hot vehicle after an exhausting day.

TheSconeOfStone Fri 09-Sep-16 16:36:39

Just noticed you've never camped abroad before. France is great for camping. Much better value for money than the UK and you can stock up on gorgeous food and wine at a hypermarket making self catering very enjoyable (already looking forward to next years cheese and wine under canvas).

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