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How far in advance do you book?

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Wondermoomin Tue 06-Sep-16 21:44:58

How far in advance do you book if you're camping as one family? What about if you're a group of families who want to pitch next to each other? ...for a trip during school holidays (Summer or May) - all tents - not sure of duration at the moment.... smile

CatherineDeB Thu 08-Sep-16 06:11:06

If a ferry is involved I have booked as far as six months ahead. School hols as soon as we have a firm plan if annual leave has to be booked/can't be moved.

Rest of the time when we decide to go, that is one of the lovely things about camping, you can just take off without a plan, phoning a site on the morning if you want to.

We booked a site a month ago for the first weekend in October, just because we want a lakeside pitch for canoeing.

We don't camp in a group so not sure about that but the sooner the better if dates are firm.

fieldfare Thu 08-Sep-16 06:44:22

If it's just us then last minute is fine.
If we go with our friends, we book in as early as possible - when they open for the season. It's a lovely site we favour and gets very busy.

Thumbcat Thu 08-Sep-16 08:12:13

I book my main summer holiday/May half term camping (one with one other family) early - as early as February sometimes. I spend so long looking at campsites online and planning my camping that I wouldn't want to miss out on where I want to go.

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