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Camping France - not big sites

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emmagee Wed 31-Jan-07 20:13:06

I have read through quite a few of the threads on Camping in France but none seem to cover what I'm after. We want to go camping this year to a small friendly site like the ones we normally go to over here in the South West (after 3 rainy Cornish summers we need a bit of sun). Wr're not fussed about pools and bars etc, just good location. Are there any mumsnetters willing to share the secret of the wonderful small site they know - or any tips where to loook. I have been advised that the municipal ones outside most main towns are good, but where to start looking. The other minefield are the huge number of travel guides, has anyone used one and have any recommendations. Thanks!

Blandmum Wed 31-Jan-07 20:14:19

Domaine de la foret in the vendee. In St julien des landes.

fantastic 160 pitches. has pool and bar but not ott

emmagee Thu 01-Feb-07 14:56:05


ejt1764 Thu 01-Feb-07 15:01:04

We went here two 2 years ago, and have every intention of going back again ...

Camping Des Abers

A couple of great hings about it:
1. loo blocks are clean
2. Take away van comes on site every night (Moules-frites anybody??)
3. Right on the beach ... which is clean, and the sea is shallow - lagoon type thing
4. Only a short distance from the ferry.

We booked through Select Sites - we found that they could give us a cheaper price than booking everything separately ...

Select Sites

In fact, I'd recommend them too, as they really know the campsites well.

Enjoy your holiday!


Maudy Thu 01-Feb-07 16:36:10

emmagee i am after exactly the same thing but in the south of France. It's such a minefield isn't it? I'll let you know if I find anything suitable for you when i'm searching.

snorkle Thu 01-Feb-07 17:36:38

Message withdrawn

emmagee Thu 01-Feb-07 19:15:32

ejt thanks it looks great, we have been looking for places on the ile de re, but this looks great and I've never been to that region. Did you camp in your own tent or get a mobile home?

wesey74 Thu 01-Feb-07 20:07:37

Les Ecureils - Jard Sur Mer in Eurocamp brochure and also Canvas as well I think.

ejt1764 Thu 01-Feb-07 20:07:46

We took our own tent, but the mobile homes looked good too ... we were intending to go back last year and stay in one of them, but we couldn't as I was so ill after the mc ... it's a lovely site!


wesey74 Thu 01-Feb-07 20:11:59

Sorry posted that message before I had finished it! Les ecureils in jard sur Mer in the Vendee on the south west coast of france. Nice small site with pool etc, but not OTT. Jard is a lovely little town with restaurants etc which is an easy buggy friendly walk away. Also beach too. Eurocamp and Canvas are on site and I think you can take your own tent. Vendee is about 8 hrs from Calais but we usually break the journey with overnight stop halfway.

Cloudhopper Thu 01-Feb-07 20:12:51

For a small site in an amazing location, try the municipal campsite in Azay-le-Rideau (Loire region).

Let me paint you a picture of it: Really small and lovely site with fairly basic but very clean facilities. It is based on the river in the medieval town/village of Azay-le-Rideau which has one of the most fabulous castles in the Loire region. There is a wine shop with tasting walking distance from the site, as are the village/town and plenty of bars/restaurants.

The whole place is so quaint and sleepy. The chateau itself runs a Son et Lumiere in summer which can be heard from the campsite, but this just adds to the atmosphere.

You can hire a boat at the chateau and amble down the river (The Indre if I remember correctly).

noonar Thu 01-Feb-07 20:21:23

ile de re is great for anyone wanting to go to france, but wanting something a bit different. lots of sites there.

beemail Thu 01-Feb-07 21:13:29

Agree about Azay le Rideau - great site, we loved it there.

KTeePee Fri 02-Feb-07 12:03:45

wesey74 - where do you stop overnight on way to Vendee?

wesey74 Thu 08-Feb-07 12:53:10

Caen last year. This year as there is a new motorway probably somewhere around Le Mans

littlemissbossy Thu 08-Feb-07 12:57:50

Have a look at the Castels website - it tells you how many pitches there are on each site and IMO Castels sites are of a good quality/well maintained. You can translate the page. HTH

KTeePee Thu 08-Feb-07 13:43:02

Wesey we are looking for a stopover either in Le Mans or Rouen or somewhere in between - but ideally need a family room to sleep 5 - if you come across anything suitable can you post the details? TIA

littlemissbossy Thu 08-Feb-07 13:47:51

I don't think you're allowed 5 in a room in France due to health and safety, but they do interconnecting rooms for families. Try searching for a Novatel (sp?) / Novetel - they're the french equivalent of a travelodge

Maudy Wed 21-Feb-07 11:22:54

Snorkle, did you have any luck finding anything? The Select Sites site that ejt1764 suggested had a couple of nice looking ones. They have pools and games but nothing OTT.

I'll let you know if I find anything else. When are you going?

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