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Wynnster Satellite 12 Man Tent

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Babieseverywhere Fri 26-Aug-16 11:59:24

Short version
I have just bought our first family tent !

No idea how to pitch it.

Or how to store water (have aqua roll from camper would that work)

Or what to cook and on what for fussy kids

Long version
I camped as a child but don't remember anything relevant.
We also had a couple of years in our folding camper but we outgrew that with our four growing kids. So we sold the camper on and are going to try camping.

We were told to go, two more for berth size. We have 6 people in our family and I was looking for an 8 man tent originally. But when I stood IN an 8 man tent with the children we could barely all stand in the main living area !

So we bought this family tent. Wynnster Satellite 12 Man Tent.

I have no idea how to pitch it. Though camping friends said they would help and have a smaller one by the same manufacturers. But if anyone has any instructions they can pass to me. I would be grateful.

Water wise we could use an aqua roll but how to get water out of it without spillage. Or should we get a smaller bottle or something.

Food wise. Would we cope with something really small and portable to heat up water for brews AND a folding bbq/firepit for burgers etc..or do we NEED a proper kitchen setup...hint I want to take the minimum not everything.

Simple basic kid friendly food ideas would be welcome.

We all ready have.

Airbeds and sleeping bags x 6
Two camping chairs for adults
A foldaway picnic table with stools for kids
Chemical Loo
Aqua Roll
Folding Fire Pit/bbq (to be bought soon)

What else do we need ?

Wish us luck. We are going to book one night at a local camping site to try it out on September...going to be interesting.

Pengweng Fri 26-Aug-16 17:11:32

Hi, no idea about the tent but water wise we use a 5L bottle (bought from supermarket for about £1 each time we go) and then refill as needed on site. It's light enough that i can carry it but big enough to only have to fill once a day. I do also have a 5l fold up squashy water carrier but i hate it as it's too floppy and annoying to get the water out of.

We have a folding up bbq and then use a single gas gas burner to heat water for coffee or pasta/beans etc. We do also have a meths burner stove but tend not to use that as much as the gas cartridge one is so easy to use. We manage with those for 4 of us but maybe you could get a double stove or two smaller one (but please don't have them next to each other it's really dangerous!) since there are 6 of you.

Easy food

Bring something frozen for the first night, chilli or spag bol (just need to boil pasta or rice)
BBQ food
Filled (or any) pasta keeps well and cooks quickly. Just add olive oil or a jar sauce to it.
Quesidillas easy to make in a frying pan on the stove and done in a few mins.
A million snacks as the kids will always be hungry.

Breakfasts we normally bring pain aux chocolates or pancakes plus fruit. We do have a toaster thingy for the camp fire so sometimes toast (but only if i've already made my coffee grin )

Milliways Fri 26-Aug-16 17:29:01

We have one of those tents, but not used it last few years. It is HUGE but very waterproof and windproof, was last tent standing in a field one year!

Do you not have the instructions sewn in the carry bag?
You really need someone to crawl under the fly sheet once the 3 main poles threaded to push it up whilst someone else clips the poles into the holes. Then put the bedroom poles up. Then hang up inner bedroom pods. Don't pull the whole thing too taught until the groundsheet is clipped not place (unless yours has a sewn in sheet?)
I put ours up with help from DS aged 11 with a broken arm!

Have fun

Milliways Fri 26-Aug-16 17:37:02

Oh, and don't forget to put the centre roof cover bit in place whilst still flat on floor, or you won't be able to reach it! ( made that mistake before!)

Babieseverywhere Fri 26-Aug-16 18:41:17

We are picking it up Saturday and will check for instructions in bag then.

Thanks for the pitching hints...will remember them. Pleasantly surprised that you can put it up with one adult abd one child.

How big is the main room ?

As I can't figure it out from the floor plans online. I am also concerned with how big the bedroom pods are...but I will have to pitch it on Monday and find out !

Would it be worth getting a sun porch for one of the doors ? Will we need/not need the space.

Milliways Fri 26-Aug-16 20:49:43

Ours came with poles to prop one or more doors open.
Each bedroom pod takes 1 double air bed or 2 singles with plenty or room for luggage. 4 in a pod is if on mats. You can't stand up in them. We used a pod for us, one for kids and one for luggage or friends. The main room is huge, plenty of head height and enough room for table and chairs if all inside in bad weather.
Check your campsite allows for its footprint. Because the pods come out on 3 sides you need a huge pitch. We used to go to sites with no fixed pitches, just camping with friends. Have since downsized tent but keep it to lend to kids/groups and now converted to "tin tents" smile

Babieseverywhere Fri 26-Aug-16 21:50:43

I know we will have to be carefull with bookings. Maybe pay more at some sites.

I was hoping to get three airbeds/sim per pod. So Me and two little ones in one. DH and DD1 & DS in second. Luggage & porti loo in third.

Glad main room is a reasonable size smile

I am very excited and plan to try a night in a couple of weeks. Hope it goes ok smile

I want to do a practice pitch at the local community field, if I can persuade my DH.

Milliways Fri 26-Aug-16 23:09:16

You could well fit in 3 singles per pod, we never tried it. We have had 7 teens use it one time and 6 adults many times with plenty of space to move around in the main bit all together.
Take glo sticks to hang in the bedroom pockets for the kids, like a mini disco- mine loved that.

Babieseverywhere Sat 27-Aug-16 09:46:36

Glow sticks....fab idea. Especially for DD3 who doesn't like the dark. Poundland here we come smile

Babieseverywhere Sat 27-Aug-16 09:57:00

I lover tin cans too.
But after outgrowing our camper we were lucky enough to sell it for more than we bought it for (Bought September sold three years later at summer) So repaid loan and have enough left over ish for this tent.

It if money was no object I would have a 6 berth caravan and air beam awning ! Or a bigger folding camper.

But we have never tried camping, so it is a new adventure. Just sounds very cult like. Friends are practically rubbing their hands saying join us, camping is brilliant. They are starting to sound quite obsessive. smile

We have been invited on three camping trips already for next year. One with Mil. One in my tent ! With all the girls and related best friend has decided that one (bless her) and two sets of friends are going to Shell Island next summer have invited us to join them.

Assuming we survive our first night out. Why do people like camping so much ?

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