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Double burner with stand?

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PopGoesTheWeaz Sun 21-Aug-16 13:41:53

Thus far, I've managed with trangia and campfire cooking, but we are going camping next week and will be a bit more remote and away for longer than usual (a full week as opposed to 5 days and under) so I wanted to get a double burner stove. Overwhelmed by the choices, but what I really wanted doesn't seem to be available.

Does anyone have any recommendations for a double burner with a stand like this Sunngas Double Burner with Larder It doesn't seem to be available anymore.

There is the Campingas 600-sg series but it looks HUGE, gets mixed reviews and doesn't have the larder. Plus it's about £60 more than the Sunngas was. They also used to do leg sets for some of the cookers, but every one seems sold out. Plus I'd rather not be locked into the campingas canisters (Is that how it works with those? Confused about gas still.)

I think my best bet might be to get this kitchen stand and then any old stove.

Before I jump though, I thought I'd check in wth the MN hive mind to see if you had any advice or recommendations. smile Probably small pack size and easy to put up are my top criteria, but open to suggestions.

Also, suggestions of stoves greatly received!!

Chocfish72 Sun 21-Aug-16 14:05:03

We have a Kampa camp kitchen which has two levels on top - one for cooker, other for food prep - plus shelf underneath and a fabric larder. I put a double camping Gaz burner plus grill. It has a couple of fold out legs under, but just to raise it off the shelf. I love my kitchen set up - a prep surface right next to the grill is dead handy.

Blu Sun 21-Aug-16 15:52:53

A stand plus stove may be the way to go: I have seen the Campnggaz Chef with legs, but it seems expensive anyway.?

The double burner stoves are designed to run in bottled butane. You don't have to use CampingGaz bottles, the portent thing is that it is the correct regulator for the gas and the pressure it is under. If you buy a stove online check whether or not it comes with a regulator.

I have never found any particular difficulty finding CampingGaz refills, and I exchange ours at the DIY / hardware shop down the road. Anywhere that does Calor or patio heater propane bottles usually also have CampngGaz for stoves. You can't swap and choose with whatever you buy because you exchange your empty bottle for full, like for like. They last for AGES.

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