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Dutch pyramid tent

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IAmTheWhoreOfBabylon Sun 21-Aug-16 00:09:00

After much yearning I have decided we are getting a pyramid tent
I am never waking up sweating in a plastic bag again
Do you have one, pros and cons and where did you buy it

Blu Sun 21-Aug-16 14:50:34

Look at the ObelinkUK site. I have been hanging my nose over a couple!

IAmTheWhoreOfBabylon Sun 21-Aug-16 15:48:49

Thanks. I like the palamos 6
There is a FB site selling good condition older Dutch tents
Has anyone bought a second hand one?

PopGoesTheWeaz Sun 21-Aug-16 19:03:25

I really want the tripstein, but not the sewn in groundsheet as I now realise how much lighter the standard ones are. They aren't on obelink's UK site though, and are out of stock on the NL site anyway so im not really helpling, am I

CatherineDeB Sun 21-Aug-16 20:05:41

Yes, we have had three, current one is another Albatros. Big spend, forever (well 25 years) tent.

We bought it directly from Dewaard. Previously had an Eldorado bought directly from Obelink for weekends. Before that a Cabanon bought in France that I gave to a friend when it was 20 years old.

The only con is the weight and drying it. We have plenty of room at home so are fine but it has been up for a week at times.

The pros of such a fab tent outweigh the cons.

Poles and vario are in a separate bag but the tent itself is heavy. If we are at a site where you have to leave first thing we often pay to stay for the day so we can make sure it is perfectly dry. Painstakingly folding and drying the groundsheet as we roll it up.

Nothing we haven't done for a very long time though, since the first Cabanon pyramid that is still going strong with my friend.

ESVO is worth a look too, better quality than Obelink, less expensive than Dewaard.

gingeroots Sun 21-Aug-16 20:08:38

I doubt I'll ever get one but Pop do you mean that the tent is lighter if it doesn't have a sewn in groundsheet . Is it a detachable one and thinner than the sewn in ones ?

This looks almost affordable ,tremendous value .

CatherineDeB Sun 21-Aug-16 20:10:30

Must add that we are on our second Albatros, had a problem with some zips (they were changing their range at the time) on our first one in 2013, they didn't match in places on the vario to windshield things.

Dewaard sent us brand new everything after we had used the first one for almost a whole season!

CatherineDeB Sun 21-Aug-16 20:13:31

The eldorado we had didn't have a sewn in groundsheet other than the bedroom bit, I thought they had changed that but maybe not looking at the link.

It was a great tent for the money.

PopGoesTheWeaz Sun 21-Aug-16 20:28:07

The toureg and the tripstein are the same tent and ink{\]]e} they say the deluxe is 11.6 kg heavier! But they only sell the deluxe!

Pcat Mon 22-Aug-16 23:35:25

We had a Palamos 6 and loved it. We have now upgraded to a £7000 trailer tent because we do long camps (4-6 weeks at a time) and my back needs a proper bed.
We had a Bell tent before and once you have camped in canvas you can't go back to polyester.
The palamos 6 is big and heavy (we needed a trailer), the porch is a good size and the 'moveable front wall' is brilliant. When we had a week of rain last year we faffed around with a tarp for ages the tried moving the front wall instead which took about 2 mins and was dead easy...... My 4 yr old said 'why didn't you just do that in the first place?'
Our bell tent had a separate ground sheet and I much preferred the zipped groundsheet on the palamos 6. The bedrooms are bigger too on the palamos 6 and the bedroom inner tents come with it.
No experience of buying secondhand- we bought from obelink, although we will sell ours once we have got a few small bits of stitching repaired

Pcat Mon 22-Aug-16 23:37:22

Forgot to say..... palamos 6 has 60 tent pegs which was a total pain for weekend camps. It really does take 45-60 mins to put it u

Blu Tue 23-Aug-16 20:38:24

SIXTY tent pegs ? And doesn't it have quite chunky pegs ? That sounds like a big bag all by itself!

CatherineDeB Tue 23-Aug-16 21:21:46

I reckon we have at least that on our big tent Blu, have never counted them - but it withstands major storms and so we manage the burden. DD has the job of collecting them all and scraping the mud off grin.

Interestingly we went down the trailer tent route as well at one point, bought a Cabanon TT when we gave our old pyramid to my friend but it wasn't for us and we sold it two years on.

We like camping where you have to carry your gear to your pitch = no cars and a TT doesn't allow that but we were swayed on the French side of the border one year too much wine consumed.

sad lesson ... never buy a new TT if you are going to sell it in the short term.

Blu Tue 23-Aug-16 23:06:07

I SO nearly bought an Eldorado last week ; they were even cheaper then as the price fluctuates with the Euro. But . It wouldn't fit in the car (until I can buy one that can take roof bars to put all the other stuff in a top box), I too like sites where the pitches are beyond the reach of cars , and I would have to dry it, if packed wet, in the kitchen. Not practical until I buy a new car and move house .

NonnyMuss Tue 23-Aug-16 23:39:30

We have a Palamos bought new from Obelink which is great for longer camps but is massive and takes a while to pitch (2 x sort of A frames at the front with a bizarre configuration of poles that only fit one way, it was like the Krypton Factor the first few times we pitched it until we got the hang of it and colour coded the poles )

We bought a small second hand Esvo from one of the eBay/FB sellers and it's been fab, easier to pitch and in great condition, had no problems at all.

There's a FB group with reviews and photos called Pyramid Tent Reviews and Chat that's worth joining if only as a warning wink

I still yearn for a De Waard but am resisting because the tent collecting is getting a bit out of control blush

CatherineDeB Wed 24-Aug-16 09:02:23

Donny, I still really want a small ESVO pyramid for weekends but DH would go mad. We bought a tentipi for weekends. 8 pegs, up in five minutes, has a woodburner for winter camping and I sold my little canvas ridge because he insisted thought I wouldn't use it enough.

I regret it.

As for too many tents, tents have 'reasons'. Here a terra nova for backpacking or cycle camping, tentipi for winter and weekends and albatros for anything over three nights in the same place/bit of luxury.

Still a gap in my weekend repertoire.

CatherineDeB Wed 24-Aug-16 09:03:16

Nonny blush.

JellyWitch Wed 24-Aug-16 09:04:19

We have a cabanon pyramid and I dream of a de ward. If you can afford one then I think it's a no-brainier.

Beckadillo Fri 26-Aug-16 21:30:04

I've just put our wonderful Palamos 6 back in its corner of the spare room (too heavy to lug through the loft hatch, but fits fine in the boot of our v average-sized car) after a fantastic 5 days away.

The tent was brilliant as always - cool in the blazing sun, warm enough at night (though none of those nights v cold this week, obviously) and didn't flap, fidget nor let in a drop during full-on thunder storm last night. I did get the heebie-jeebies about the tall central pole as the lightning crashed around us at 4am though, and carted three small boys into the car for a night-time 'adventure' till the worst passed over...

Anyway despite the 50 minute erection time (fnarr etc) we love it madly. The instructions are ridiculous - about 4 photos, one with the groundsheet pegged out, the next photo it's up! (We too have finally got round to colour-coding poles, nonny) btw do you also have a problem getting the front of the porch to reach the ground? So far we've always had the front wall zipped into the very front of the porch, but it's usually an inch or so off the ground along the front... We all sleep together in the body of tent and don't bother with the bedrooms, which makes the packed down tent a little less bulky.

It is a whopping quantity of canvas, but it dried fast this morning having been rained on till dawn, after I gave it a whipping with a microfibre towel. The zip-in groundsheet is great, as it makes drying the canvas a less onerous task if you have to drape it over the bannisters at home to get the last of the damp out, as we've had to occasionally (our garden too tiny to put it up).

Anyway we think it's totally brilliant, and have never regretted buying it (from Obelink, of course). I don't care about all the pegs - I do most of them but find that quite a few are really a bit unnecessary, so let the boys 'help' with them, which gives them a kick. Even the smell of canvas is just so exciting to me... Get one!

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