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Anyone been to Chateau des Ormes?

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We want to go next year, will book via Alfresco in a mobile but wondering if it's manageable without a car. Only been once before for a couple of nights so didn't really get to see what was around. Really don't want to drive as flights to Dinard are cheap as chips and we'd only use a hire car for shopping as we only want to stay around the local,area. Any advice? Thanks 😊

Bumping 😊

reallyneedmoresleep Mon 25-Jul-16 08:01:32

I've been a couple of times and although there's lots to do on the site, I think you really need a car to go anywhere else. The beaches are about 6 miles away at least and any local towns would be a long bike ride!

We're only planning on going for a week so probably wouldn't be bothered about leaving the site tbh (we lived in Brittany for a while so have done the tourist stuff), more wondering about any local bars/cafes in walking distance? We're happy to bbq most night but do like to eat in local places.

Flippidyflap Tue 26-Jul-16 20:13:10

We've been a couple of times and are thinking of doing a couple of days this summer too. There's a small village which is walking distance from the site - it's maybe 10 minutes through a small wood if I remember correctly. There's just a shop and a bar there but with what's on the site that might be all you need.

That sounds perfect. We like fairly low key places in France and we're happy to go to local bars, shops etc so it looks like it will suit us perfectly 😊

elephantoverthehill Wed 27-Jul-16 18:18:05

We went a couple of years ago, large extended family group. Some did go and explore, as my DCs and their cousins were quite young we didn't go out much at all. They were more than happy to whizz around on bicycles, go to the different pools and play football. Although we did go into the local town to the market and stuff. We tried to have a meal at the local village but managed to decide on the only night they were closed.

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