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Sleeping bag help needed

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tinyterrors Thu 21-Jul-16 14:47:34

My dcs have just started Beavers and have their first camp in the Autumn, and I've been talked into helping out. I'm trying to plan ahead and get their sleeping bags sorted as it's the biggest expense after the trip itself. I have no clue whatsoever about camping and the sleeping bag ratings are really confusing as some are gsm and others are seasons and I can't find a comparison.

They're going early October and as they're Beavers they sleep inside rather than in tents so it'll be a bit warmer. From what I've read we'd need season 3 sleeping bags for that time of year.

For me I'm looking at a 350 gsm sleeping bag with hood and a separate liner, the info for the sleeping bag doesn't say what temperature it would be okay for and reviews say either season 2 or season 2-3. Do you think this would be okay for me in the circumstances? I'm a hot person generally but I've never camped so not sure if this would be warm enough.

Aby suggestions for the kids would be gladly received too, one is a very warm person and rarely has the covers on even in winter.

Thanks for any help.

Pengweng Thu 21-Jul-16 14:54:52

Not sure how old Beavers are? But I got some good 3 season sleeping bags from sports direct for my DT's (they are only 4 but the bags will do them until they are tweens i guess as lots of room. One of them actually zips shorter which i didn't realise until after they arrived which is great for my littler one and smaller means warmer.

This is the one which zips smaller. The hooded bit is great as fits a small inflatable (or baby pillow which we use) in it and keeps it in place.

They make an adult one too which is 3-4 season.

I have a gelert curve which is 3 season and it's good, i like that it's not mummy style so i have more wiggle room but the zip is always undoing itself so i really need to stitch it up. Not sure why it comes apart when it doesn't fold out into a quilt. Weird.

tinyterrors Fri 22-Jul-16 15:35:09

Thanks for the advice. They're 7 and 8, I should have put that in the op, I'll have a look at the ones you've suggested. I don't like the mummy style ones either so I'll have a look at the gelert one.

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