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campsite near legoland

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angmarie Thu 25-Jan-07 09:17:34

Does anyone know a good campsite near Legoland as we are hoping to get there this year

Lucycat Thu 25-Jan-07 15:32:56

I've looked at a few on ukcampsite that seem ok, I'll try and rememeber the names for you later.

are you using your Tecso clubcard deals to get in?

angmarie Thu 25-Jan-07 15:44:48


No I dont have a tesco clubcard

angmarie Thu 25-Jan-07 15:44:49


No I dont have a tesco clubcard

jill321 Mon 29-Jan-07 13:23:31

we have stayed here when going to Legoland and its great, lovely clean facilities & alongside the thames lock so you can watch all the boats going by


lostincornwall Tue 20-Feb-07 18:00:35

Whatever you do, don't stay at the large campsite near Hurley on the way to Henley. Large rats roamed free and the one working shower block was truly disgusting!

Blu Tue 20-Feb-07 18:08:02

Really LostInCornwall? We had quite a nice little stay there! Hurley Park, or something?

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