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Tempted to buy a bell tent

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nibblingfingernails Sun 17-Jul-16 10:39:07

Have camped before, but not for a few years - Will I regret it? Its just me and 3 DD's

Roughly how big are they when in bag? I have rather a small car so size when packed up is essential.

CuppaTeaAndAJammieDodger Sun 17-Jul-16 10:54:32

We have a 5m one (which I think you'd need to comfortably fit 4 of you in) with a zipped in groundsheet. I'll be honest, it is VERY heavy (approx 40kg - DH can just about lift it up on to his shoulders to carry but I can't), it's pretty big (approx 1.2m X 50cm) so goes in our roof box.

It is an absolute breeze to put up (much easier than a normal tent), and really lovely to camp in (cooler in hot weather and warmer in cold). But in all honesty, if there's only one adult (unless you've got a strapping teenager to help you out of course) I think you'll find it difficult.

NorbertDentressangle Sun 17-Jul-16 10:58:57

A friend of mine has one and although I love it , it has it's downsides which to me would be the sheer weight and size of it when packed up and also the fact that you can't go and get changed for example in a separate pod area.

It's a doddle to put up though apparently.

nibblingfingernails Sun 17-Jul-16 11:18:14

Hmm..... its the packed u size and weight that I need to know, and that is worrying me. It will be going in the car so wouldn't have to worry about getting it on the roof.

Good to know its easy to put up!

Am looking at other tents but just wanted something with character and sort of feminine andsomething----that----exDH----would----have----never----agreed----to----in----a----million----years! grin

CuppaTeaAndAJammieDodger Sun 17-Jul-16 12:50:02

It only goes in the roof box as it doesn't fit in the car (and we have an estate) once the camping equipment is in. The problem isn't getting it in the toolbox, it's carrying it out there!

I am the first to profess the virtues of a bell tent - but I really don't think it would be practical considering your circumstances, have you thought about a good inflatable tent?

CuppaTeaAndAJammieDodger Sun 17-Jul-16 12:50:28

roof box not toolbox!

nibblingfingernails Sun 17-Jul-16 14:06:45

I did look at the inflatable tents - this one

CatherineDeB Sun 17-Jul-16 14:07:09

One of our tents is too heavy for me to handle, I reckon it is 40kg split between two bags. I can't manage the canvas alone.

Soul pad make a light version - peg in groundsheet rather than zip or sewn in. Our tipi has a toggle in floor which then pegs out with the tent p, it is fine but you do get the odd bug!

CuppaTeaAndAJammieDodger Sun 17-Jul-16 18:17:39

That sounds good CatherineDeB - much lighter!

PuraVida Sun 17-Jul-16 20:11:15

We love ours. It is very heavy though but we keep the poles separately and you could always keep the groundsheet separately too though it would take longer to pitch. I'm not much interested in camping but the lovely tent makes it fun

MilesHuntsWig Sun 17-Jul-16 20:27:35

My friend swears by her 5m soul pad bell tent, she got one recently and loves it for reasons above (big, can stand in it, cool in heat, warm in cold). Her and her DH are scout masters so have a lot of camping experience and they reckon this is the best one they've had.

Stopattwo Tue 19-Jul-16 20:06:34

I adore our bell tent but agree with pp about the weight. I can't carry it, dh has to! It is extremely quick and easy to put up and you can buy an inner tent which splits the tent into half (a living area and two sleep pods). We've gone a bit crazy with it tbh, we've also got a huge mat which covers half the tent floor, rugs, fairy lights, cushions to sit on. I used to hate camping but love it now!

Stopattwo Tue 19-Jul-16 20:10:31

You could always get one of these so you don't have to carry everything!

CatherineDeB Tue 19-Jul-16 20:30:57

We have got something similar because we prefer to camp where cars aren't allowed, you stI'll have to be able to lift the canvas in and out of the car, which I can't do!

Blu Tue 19-Jul-16 21:44:07

Is it fiddly pitching and zipping in a ZIG? I imagine a bad tempered 15 mins on my knees finding the right start point for the zip and having to swivel tent or groundsheet until they meet, and then crawling round zipping it up without jamming....

PopGoesTheWeaz Tue 19-Jul-16 22:49:27

Even with a trolly, ours (ZIG) is just really heavy to manoever into place and when wet it feels like it doubles in weight.

That said, I've only recently discovered that the SIGs are only about 22 kilos. If you carried the pole separately that becomes very manageable I think.

Ive also beeg eyeing up the touareg tent which again, if you get with a SIG seems to be a manageable weight.

PopGoesTheWeaz Tue 19-Jul-16 22:50:24

ps, had our zig 5 meter bell for 4 years now and not zipped up the sides once. Does anyone else actually do it? I've never seen it done to be honest and we are usually one of many bell tent on site.

Stopattwo Wed 20-Jul-16 19:08:00

We quite often zip up the sides to let air circulate on a warm day but only if we're using the inner sleep tent because I don't like the idea of bugs in my bed!

PopGoesTheWeaz Wed 20-Jul-16 19:41:23

we don't have an inner, so i feel like if we rolled up the sides all of our stuff would be very much on display. I may need to work on the glampification of our kit before it tackle that.

nibblingfingernails Wed 20-Jul-16 21:02:26

I am still no clearer!

muddyboots Sat 23-Jul-16 00:18:18

I thought I wanted a Bell Tent then after a bit of thinking and considering of the finances I bought this

Still has character and a sort of feminine charm but cheaper and lighter than a Bell Tent. I'm a single parent and I can carry it very small distances if I harumph it on my shoulder.

CatherineDeB Sat 23-Jul-16 05:51:50

We had an Eldorado as our weekend tent and for when I camped alone with DD and the dog for years, fab tent. Ours was a long time ago, didn't have a seen in groundsheet apart from the bedroom bit.

I nearly posted about it before but didn't because the op was confused grin.

cutefluffyunicorn Sat 23-Jul-16 17:30:54

we are currently camping in our 10T mojave []]
which is super light, packs up small and my 10 and 11 year old can set it all up on their own!! I am away with my 3 dds aged 14, 11 and 10 and packed everything including kids into my tiny Nissan Micra! I do love it!
BUT is obviously NOT cotton/canvas, and as for once it has turned out to be a baking hot weekend it is BOILING inside and I am thinking I may need to invest in a proper bell!
(last year it was fab though cause it wasnt so hot)

cutefluffyunicorn Sat 23-Jul-16 17:32:08
link fail...try again!

HiccupHaddockHorrendous Mon 01-Aug-16 18:15:33

I've just upgraded from a 3m to a 4m bell tent.
I always pack the ground sheet separately because the canvas is almost always dry when packing up but the groundsheet often needs to dry out once we're home.
I have the inner tent but without it, you'd easily fit 4 people in.
I can pitch, by myself, in around 15 mins (including zipping the groundsheet).
So much easier than any other tent I've owned.

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